Wallpaper Wednesday / 2

I think tulips are number one on my little list of favorite flowers - they are so colorful and calming. It was my birthday last week so the house was decorated with tulips and daffodils, and even though this week wasn't a very sunny one the sun peeked through the window a few times, creating a beautiful scenery I just had to capture.

Do you like this week's wallpapers? Let me know in the comments below. I'm sorry about the absency of last week's wallpaper Wednesday: I didn't have the time to properly pick up my camera and shoot some pictures I genuinely liked.

I hope you'll have a wonderful day! Much love, Sjoukje


  1. This is such a unique little segment - I love it. Also really loving the new blog design!

    Nik x
    NIKJAMESS | Fashion & Lifestyle

  2. Beautiful flowers! Makes me happy :)

  3. Tulips are my favourite flowers ever, there are no other flowers that make me as happy as tulips do! Your photos are wonderful as always. :) Also, I love your new blog design, it's so beautiful! I really prefer it over the old one (although I liked that aswell).


  4. Tulips always remind me that it's Easter time!!!! and just quietly the new layout is wonderful... excellent choice. Enjoy your Easter weekend with your fresh fleurs!!

    Megan || www.ohheyblog.com

  5. Pretty :) x


  6. wow mooi! prachtige foto's