What's On My iPhone?

Hey everybody! I personally love reading what's on my phone-articles: I usually find new interesting & inspiring apps to download onto my phone (and it's just really nice to peek in somebody else's personal life ;)). I don't use my phone very intensively - I mean, I like sending messages and checking my Instagram (a bit too often - I must admit!) but I don't have hundreds of apps (out of precaution - checking your phone every two minutes is just so easy). Anyways - I hope you will enjoy spying on my phone!

The standard apps - The only pre-installed apps I really use are the basic ones like Messages, the photo app, the camera, weather - et cetera. I never opened the Stocks app, just like I never used the Passbook app - I actually find them quite redundant and I'm sad that they take up much-needed space on my phone!

WhatsApp - This app has replaced texting on my phone - it's free, easy and you can share voice messages and photographs very easily as well (but I think everybody knows this: isn't this the first app everybody downloads?)

Snapchat - Even though I'm not a very active user I like receiving random snaps and looking at other people's stories.

NU.nl - A Dutch news app

Netflix - I don't like watching movies and series on my phone but this is handy for when I'm really bored and don't have my laptop nearby.

YouTube - I don't believe this is a pre-installed app anymore (it used to though, right?) - whenever I'm home alone I play vlogs so I have some random chatter in the background.

Genius - A great app for checking out lyrics (and getting to know the meaning of them).

Druppel - Which means 'droplet' - this allows me to check if and what time it's going to rain (I really need this as it's very rainy here in The Netherlands!)

Instagram - Who doesn't have Instagram ;)

Discovr Music - Whenever I'm tired of my basic and favorite artist I go on this app. It's really handy: you tell the app a name of an artist you like and it gives you similar artist.

We Heart It - Great for photography & lifestyle inspiration. It's an app with very Tumblr-y photographs (watch out: there's a huge amount of One Direction and Apple products photographs: there's a search-option and collections-option, though, so you can avoid the categories you don't like).

Translate - I'm Dutch and whenever I come across a Dutch word I can't translate to English I use this app. It's great for finding synonyms as well: instead of using 'cool' and 'good' all the time you'll find some other options.

Superguide - Another Dutch app which gives you a basic TV-guide.

Squaready - You know that feeling: you take a perfect photograph, but it looks awful as a square because the most beautiful parts are left out? - This app adds white borders to your photographs, which allows you to post non-squared photographs on Instagram.

Analytics - Great for checking how many of you have visited my blog today!

Bloglovin' - I think Bloglovin' is my most-used app: I doubt there's a blogger who doesn't know about Bloglovin', but it's amazing to keep up with your favorite bloggers and to discover new ones.

VSCOcam - My favorite app for editing Instagram pictures: even though Instagram has been improving it's app and editing functions, I prefer using an external one because I find their options to be more diverse. VSCOcam is the best: it can transform any dull-looking picture into a creative one.

Shooter - Can you remember the 'bubble shooting' games every kid seemed to play? I now have this game as an app on my phone and it's so relaxing!

Skype - Texting your friends is fun, videocalling is better.

DaysUntil - This app shows you how many days you'll have to wait for an important event you choose yourself.

Wunderlist - Great for shopping lists and to-do lists!

Hope you liked reading this! Have a lovely day.

What's your favorite app?


  1. My favourite app has got to be instagram! Love that app, I have followed you on that aswell just now(: x
    Jess x

  2. I need that druppel app!! Thanks for sharing.

    Check out my new post

  3. I had no idea you could get Skype and Analytics as apps! It's amazing that you can get pretty much anything as an app these days :) lovely post, I'm exactly the same in that I love seeing what's on other people's phones and what apps they use!


  4. I too love these posts for the same reason. I love Whatsapp but it's actually not very popular in the US. I think we already talked about it once in an email, but it's so awesome to be able to text my family in Holland for free!! I've just recently added a friend from Australia to it, being able to text half way around the world is amazing! I'm also a huge fan of Wunderlist, although not on my phone. I love it on my MacBook for scheduling my to-dos.

    Thanks for sharing all your apps, it was fun to have a look inside the iPhone! ;)
    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva