Negativity Can Also Be Good

I admit it: I can be a pessimist. Learning that I am not a positive person all the time has made me accept this - this makes it easier for me to move on after a negative period of time. I think a lot and with a lot of over-thinking, or just thinking in general, worries and concerns are a big part of my daily thoughts. There's nothing wrong with that, and I believe that over-thinking comes with some better characteristics as well (for example, I think being a responsible person who is able to make well overthought decisions comes with being an over-thinker quite often).

I am not writing this without a reason - I was doing some grocery shopping yesterday when I stumbled across a little notebook standing in the magazine aisle at the supermarket, 'Flow Weekly'. It said 'negatief is ook weleens goed', which is Dutch and basically means 'negative can also be good (sometimes)' (I can't translate it literally because it'd be a crooked sentence).

Reading this gave me a little confidence boost. I often share my thoughts with friends/family and they usually tell me I worry too much/should think less/should look at the brighter side of life and even though I know they mean it well this can be quite discouraging. I can't turn my mind off even if I try to and reading that I don't actually have to made me pick this little magazine up (+ the fact that it was only 99c while other larger magazines can cost up to 8 euros).

'It's a good thing we don't have to be happy and cheerful every day. Sometimes, allowing the negative feelings to be there can be good.'
 I think it's great that this little magazine tells the reader that negative feelings are okay, but it doesn't tell the reader that negative feelings are better: it simply tells you having negative feelings and thoughts is a part of life and pushing them away will only make them more predominant than just letting them be there and accepting that they exist.

'Every day may not be good but there's something good in every day.'
Little magazines like this one make me so happy. It's funny how easy it is to treasure the little things in life but how simple it is to forget doing this as well - I'm glad there still are things which motivate us to look further than the rainy weather that is keeping us inside and the people who could smile just a little bit more to make your day better. Happiness comes from within and it is easy to forget this. My mother once told me about this thing my grandfather always says: 'you have to put up the garlands yourself', which is a really crappy translation for a simple quote which basically means that you have to make your life comfortable by yourself - nobody else can do this for you.

I am currently going through an annoying period of time - I couldn't give it a different name - which I'd love to be over - but we live in 2015 and nobody's invented a time machine yet so I simply have to live through this time and look forward to better times. Knowing that you'd rather be in a different place is good but thinking about this all the time is bad. A lot of over-thinking and many negative thoughts have taught me that as well, which is why I now am quite good at analyzing my feelings and knowing how I should handle them - but little magazines telling me that I'm 100% normal (at least, hopefully) feels really good.

I currently have my last vacations before my exams will start and I've had lots of free time and a lot of time to think, hence the more personal article. Oh, and Flow Weekly didn't sponsor me or anything - I just genuinely like this little magazine. It includes amazing illustrations as well and beautiful things you can put up on your wall so if you ever walk past it in the magazine aisle, definitely give it a go (especially because it's so cheap, if you don't like it you haven't spent the money you could've spent on a decent book).

I hope you will have a beautiful day. <3

(Oh, and there will be a Wallpaper Wednesday tomorrow, I'm sorry I skipped last week's one.)


  1. Thanks for sharing ! Hope you having a lovely day


  2. Fijn berichtje, ik hoop dat het snel wat positiever word voor je! Ik vind dat relativerende van de Flow ook altijd fijn en die kleine tijdschriftjes zijn zo schattig! Echt om blij van te worden. Liefs, Rowan

  3. Wat een ontzettend fijn stukje is dit. Ik ben het helemaal met je eens! Bij mij helpt het ook wel veel om mijn twijfels en negatieve gedachten in een dagboek te schrijven. En steeds meer schrijf ik ook vanzelf positieve gedachten in mijn dagboek, waar ik allemaal wel niet blij mee ben.

  4. Ik zag hem ook in de winkel! Erg schattig. En inderdaad een wijze les:)

  5. I love, love, love Flow Weekly but because I'm from England I can only order it online. I also have the yearly diary the little illustrations are so unique and lovely! I really agree with this post I am a terrible worrier but I really do think that sometimes if I hadn't worried about it, something worse would have happened. It's always good to see the negative side as well and not live in a land full of sparkles and butterflies.


  6. A pessimist here ✋
    I'm definitely a pessimist and in the past year I've been trying to change this at all costs. I always saw it as something bad and that stopped me from enjoying life. As I think and over-think about everything that can go "wrong" before I do it and basically just see the negative side.

    I'm trying to push negative feelings and thoughts, but still not feeling better because it's just as you said 'pushing them away will only make them more predominant'
    Thanks for reminding me to accept them

    Thank you Sjoukje ❤

    Also, hope your annoying period of time comes to an end :)

    Lots of hugs, A