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Good day everybody! Feel like your blog needs a little update? I think you've landed on the right page! I don't know as much about HTML codes as I'd like to - I'm seriously jealous of those who can completely customize their blog's theme to their liking: I'm already proud of myself when I successfully change the color of my header. Even though I don't know too much about custom designs and such I am obsessed with looking for new templates which will make my blog content look as best as possible. This slight obsession results in a few template-related Google searches per week, and I now know a few blog designers whose templates I genuinely like. This is my little favorites list when it comes to template designers - enjoy!

I had my current template for about a month when I searched Etsy for a responsive one - I love this design but I want my blog to work perfectly on all devices. I searched for the designer who designed this template and I found out that my current theme has been changed into a responsive theme - bingo! The owner of the shop kindly helped me install the new version (for free!) and adjusted a few things which didn't work properly. Her templates are quite cheap as well, which was the final push that made me buy this template. The owner is so nice and if you're looking for a minimalistic and stylish theme with great 'customer service' for a very low price, I'd definitely take a look at MangoBlogs Shop's website.

I think Pipdig is quite famous as I come across blogs with templates designed by Pipdig quite regularly. Some Pipdig designs are very minimalistic but others are a bit more decorative. These templates are a bit more pricy, though - they vary from 49$-69$, quite expensive for a pre-designed blogger template but they do look very professional. I've never bought a Pipdig design, but they offer free installation which sounds great. Also, all Pipdig's designs are completely responsive which I think is great in 2015, now that Google prefers mobile sites.

If you like very cute and colorful designs I think this blog designer definitely is one you should check out: all the templates include cute pastel colors and fonts which remind me of my favorite stationary. These templates are a bit more pricy as well but you get an eBook for free. Some of them are responsive, others include a mobile version and some templates only provide you with the regular desktop version of the template. 

Most of this template designer's designs give off a perfect Parisian vibe - I love the cute colors and how subtle all these templates are. The prices range from 30 to 40 euros which are acceptable prices. This shop doesn't include responsive templates, though, which is a pity.

I discovered this template designer through Beautycrush' blog - if you're looking for a minimalistic design which focuses on your images rather than your text I think this designer has the templates you need. I especially love the grid-based designs - if they only included text on the landing page as well I'd order my favorite right away.

Even though this web shop only has 4 pre-made Blogger templates (all the others are for Wordpress), the ones the web shop holds are beautiful. They look minimalistic yet happy because of the small design elements the creator added. The Blogger templates all cost 26$, which is a reasonable price, especially for a responsive template. 

Grid templates are my personal favorites - too bad grid templates aren't the standard templates you come across. Baby In Heels does have some grid templates and I like them, a lot! Baby In Heels sells her (his?) templates on an Etsy page.


As you know my design was designed by MangoBlogs Shop and I'd personally recommend that shop for cheap(er) designs, great service and responsive templates - however, if you have a higher budget I think you'll love Pipdig and Envye. The other designers are great as well - I haven't heard of them as much as I have about Pipdig and Envye but the designs look great and isn't that all that matters?! Have a beautiful day! - Sjoukje


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