What To Do Without School/Work-Related Responsibilities

It's 13:14h, I'm lying in bed and I'm not feeling bad nor ashamed about that at all. In fact, I must admit that I currently am the most relaxed I have been in weeks. My exams are over, and all I can do now is wait for the 11th of June - the day I'll get my results back. I currently don't have any school-related responsibilities and it feels so good. At the moment, I don't have a job either as I quit it right before my exams in order to create some more me-time so I'm facing a few weeks of nothingness and I've had a few days of nothingness already. I thought they would be absolutely boring but the last few days have been so nice and the next few days will be too - hopefully. Here's a little list of what I do without any school- or work related responsibilities (which basically means I don't have any responsibilities, tasks or assignments I have to work on).

Catch up with friends
The last few weeks have been stressful for all of my friends as we were all going through an important period of time. That can create tension but I'm glad to say everybody's feeling better so we all have time to hang out a bit more often and enjoy that time as well. When my best friend Angela and I spotted a photo booth we immediately felt a bit nostalgic as we took a picture in one a few years back - so we grabbed our coin purses and gathered enough money to take two pictures - which required about 6 takes before two decent ones came out. The photographs make me smile as they show how we usually are when we're around each other - joking and laughing.

Update my music library
I'm constantly listening to music - and I love discovering new music as well. I don't update the music on my phone quite regularly but I have the time to do that now - yay for that! I already put some more James Blake and Angus & Julia Stone on my phone - if you have any more recommendations, please let me know. 

Catch up on Netflix shows
I finished watching How I Met Your Mother (and I hated the last episode - but I'm sure I'm not the only one) and I'm looking for a new obsession. Sherlock is on my to-watch list: if you have any recommendations, again, please let me know. 

Eat healthier/better
When I'm in a hurry I usually create a quick lunch/breakfast but now that I have more time, I love creating delicious and time-consuming meals. Look up some recipes and shop for groceries in a different shop - that can be so much fun. Discovering new meals you love is amazing. 

Learn something new
I like learning new things but without school as a source of information I don't have any books to learn from. I really like the internet to replace that source - especially learning more about photography and film-techniques is a great thing to do when you don't have to study. Learning a new language is something I'd love to do as well: I'd want to learn Swedish (I don't know why but I find that language so calming to hear) but I don't actually have the money nor need to learn a new language like that.

Spend more time on your blog
I know most of my readers have a blog and finding the time to write up qualitative articles can be hard. I really enjoy working on my blog - though - and I am so happy I finally have the time to do that again!

Do things you usually don't have the time for
In my case: making videos. I love making videos but it just takes so much more time than writing up an article! Here's a link to the video I recently created. (click on the image).

Catch up on vlogs
Watching vlogs is such a great activity - it makes me feel a bit voyeuristic but hey, the YouTubers put them on the internet themselves! My current favorites are 'beautycrush' and 'heyclaire' (and it might have to do something with their tattoos - but their personalities are great, too).

Explore the area you live in
I've lived in the village I currently live in for 17 years already but I keep on discovering new places and spots that I love - especially photography-wise. Put on some shoes, grab your camera and hop on your bike and cycle somewhere new - you might as well discover a new place you love.

have a beautiful day!


  1. Love that shot of the pomegranate! Spending more time on my blog is something I'm definitely trying to do in general.


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  2. Lovely! ♥


  3. Leuk lijstje! Geniet van je vrije dagen:) XO

  4. Love the photos so much!!


  5. That food looks so good! I wish I had more time to do that stuff! Thanks for stopping by my blog

  6. Sounds like you're really making the most of the time you now have - and that's awesome! I've been trying to do these things too - especially eat healthier, & catch up with friends!
    Bree || The Urban Umbrella

  7. Great post. I enjoyed reading. xx


  8. love the photos, thanks for sharing
    follow for follow?:)


  9. Your pictures are so gorgeous, I love them. Thanks for sharing them with us, and these are all great ideas! Lovely post! :)
    xo Kiki

  10. I think some "nothingness" is healthy from now and then!
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  11. Lovely photos!! Definitely agree with the point about blogging- it's super time consuming!!

    Katie // ZZ&H

  12. Such a lovely post! I really loved reading this! I'm putting more time into my blog everyday! It takes up most of my day but if I juggle a bit I still get things done!

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  13. lovely post! :)

  14. Nice look! Love the photos...!


  15. Great post! Lovely photos :)


  16. You do it absolutely right that you relax in that way - and you deserve it absolutely <3
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  17. That's they way to go, sometimes we just need some time to relax and only do what we really want. Great blog by the way!

  18. Love this list! Sherlock is EXCELLENT, and I also recommend Grimm, The Vampire Diaries and Doctor Who, if you haven't already seen them, they're all such awesome shows! At the moment I am TOTALLY obsessed with Doctor Who, haha :)

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

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  20. Brilliant post, I'm at this stage now after finishing Uni work, I love not feeling guilty for just kicking back for a few weeks it's great! New music wise, have you heard of Novo Amore ? He's so relaxing and has a kind of 'Bon Iver' vibe, if you know what I mean?


    1. Sounds awesome. Thanks for the tip! Love Bon Iver. X

  21. watch Pretty Little Liars it's really good

  22. watch Pretty Little Liars it's really good

  23. I am currently procrastinating taking care of any of my responsibilities and praying for june 23rd to arrive. Then, I will do everything on this list and I CANNOT WAIT.

  24. Netflix, juuuup! Ik spendeer daar eigenlijk echt te veel tijd aan...

  25. Great post!

    Rachel x

  26. Great post!

    Rachel x

  27. This is a really great post, Sjoukje. Everything you mention is the best to fill in the time you used to commit to work/school. I love the productive activities you suggest, too! You don't just have to stay indoors and mope to be happy and enjoy your free time!!

    Much LOVE!!
    -Stephanie Eva