How To Love A New City

I don't know anyone who has lived in the same house for his or her whole life - it's almost impossible. Moving into new houses and to new cities is essential for living and growing - but that doesn't mean it can't be challenging! New buildings, people and habits will always be quite hard to adjust to and knowing that you left something behind will make this even harder. Here are some tips which will help you love (or, if you really hate it - at least accept) your new environment.

The first step to feeling home in a new town is grabbing your coat, and exploring the area you live in. Find new shops, restaurants, little parks you could shop in and spend your time at - it might feel strange in the beginning, because where are all the people who usually greet you? - and why can't you find your regular way to the products you always buy? - but this gets easier. 

Find a place to spend some time
Feeling claustrophobic in a small room isn't uncommon and that's why it's important to look for new places that'll provide you with a nice cup of coffee and a soft chair to sit in while reading your favorite book. Coffee shops are perfect for this - but try to stay away for Starbucks for once and find something new, something unique that you can only find in that specific town. Having something that you can't find anywhere else will make it feel special and you'll soon realize that when you're away, you'll miss that spot - that's the first sign of feeling at home in a new city.

Sign up to a gym or other group-related activity
It sounds super cliché, but finding new friends is very important and even though it seems to happen to some very lucky people - I've never met a new friend in the supermarket. Think of something you love doing, like taking photographs, playing volleyball, drawing, singing - and hop on your surfboard and surf the world wide web: you might find an awesome club to join. (And oh, remember to actually do it!)

Learn to find your way without a map
Larger cities can be hard to navigate through and needing an (online) map isn't something to be ashamed of. Try to remember the way to the most important places you visit, though - it's harder to call a place 'home' when you can't walk through it without a map. But, don't worry! - once you understand the city's structure it'll be easy to find any street you need, and this will contribute to a safer feeling as well.

Don't forget your loved ones at home
It sounds quite contradictory, but don't feel sad when you miss your friends - realize that missing people you moved away from is completely normal, and you'll only be a Skype call away from the people you love. I respect the people who were able to move from Europe to Australia (and other far-away places like that) during a time without phones and computers - I don't think I could've done that. Be thankful for technology and how connected we can be in the world we currently live in.

Make your living space as cosy as possible
This is crucial to feeling at home: you don't want to hate the place you're going back to after a long day of work/school. Visit a cool interior store in your new neighborhood and spend some money on cute decorations. If you don't have a budget for that, DIYs are a great way of spending little money on awesome things. You can even do this together with a newly found friend, which creates a win-win situation. 

Take pieces from your old home
Objects, scents, sounds - everything that stimulates your senses - can remind you of home. It doesn't matter wether it's a candle, a ring that's too small for you now or just an old notebook: anything that takes your mind home will do the job.

It takes time
Adjusting to a new place takes time. Be patient, wait, try your hardest but don't force it - and once you've done all of this you won't hear yourself saying you're going 'to the apartment' anymore - you're going home. <3

have a beautiful day

Happiness comes from within and not from the environment you live in. There will always be people who love you and no matter the distance, remember to carry them in your heart. 


  1. This is such a great post! I have lived in my house since I was just one! I think I'm going to find it so hard to leave my home because it's the only place I've ever known but I think in the next few years I may have to make the move down to London as there are so many more opportunities there. It will be so scary though, thanks for your great advice :-)
    Abiee xx

  2. Some amazing tips you have got here! I moved away from my home town and I hated where I moved to but after some time and exploring I loved it more!

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  3. Such a good post!

    I tried to do as many of these as possible when I moved to London. I joined the gym, a netball club and bought basically everything in IKEA and H&M home!

  4. Such a beautiful post. I liked reading it.
    It is hard to get used to the new places especially big cities. You gave some great tips xx

  5. This is a must read to anyone about to move to a new city :) Simply inspiring!

  6. Coming to your blog for advice is becoming a regular... Joining university in a city far from home has been so difficult for me and I wish advice like this had come sooner!
    Lizzy | by Lizzy x

  7. I am moving alone in a new city this September! Love this post!


  8. I know only very few people who never moved ... here in the Bavarian country this can happen, especially if one grew up in a farm. But your tips are so true and I thank you for sharing!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. I've been living in London for a year now but I still feel like I'm in a new city so these tips are really helpful. It can be easy to just stick to the areas that I know but I really should go exploring more often, even if it can be tough with a toddler x

    Beauty with charm

  10. Helemaal waar wat je zegt, het maakt niet uit waar je woont, geluk komt van binnenuit.
    Goede tips!
    Bedankt om ze te delen.

    Ik zoek nog bloggers om mee samen te werken dus als je geïnteresseerd bent, je mag me altijd een mailtje sturen

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  11. Moving to a new city is so terrifying. If all goes well, next year I'll be moving to the UK alone for university and that terrifies me. But maybe joining a knitting circle instead of a gym might ease me in! Hahaha <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  12. I love to be in new places, discovering and growing to love the place!

    Rachel x

  13. I've lived in two homes my whole life, but as I was 1 when we moved, I may as well say I never moved. However, I can definitely relate to your last sentences about carrying the people you love within you. My family just visited from France and left, and seeing one of my cousins, the one who stayed with us for two months, cry as she got in the car, broke my heart. It's so difficult being separated from people you love so deeply, but if your bond really is strong, you'll be laughing like you were never apart the next time you spend time together.
    Marianne :)

  14. Really great tips dear, I can totally relate to them! :)

  15. OMG this is such a brilliant brilliant post! I have lived in so many countries, cities, apartments already - I think I became somewhat of a pro at moving and travelling lightly.
    But it's true though... Getting used to new surroundings is not always easy. These are awesome steps! I am sharing this :)


  16. Great advice and ideas to keep yourself growing but in a comfortable manner. Moving to a new city can be exciting but sometimes after that initial "glamour" it can get a little overwhelming and even scary to live in an unfamiliar place. I really like your idea about finding your way without help. I will keep this in mind when we next move!! Need to know your surroundings!!

    Much LOVE!!
    -Stephanie Eva

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  18. I stared at the second photo for like 5 minutes straight. It's so lovely and reminds me of my Parisian experience!

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  19. This is such a lovely and helpful post! I wish I'd had it the first time I moved to a new city!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  20. beautiful post, the best advice for me is it just takes time to adjust your life to new things and places, but you got the essence of moving and feeling exposed in new city in this post!
    thanks for commenting on my blog, glad I checked you out, keeping an eye on you blog!

    Liva /

  21. Thanx for the overview!

  22. Thank you so much for such an inspiring post! I've moved to Paris to study and it's still quite complicated to get used to the new culture and traditions. Your post was very useful!:)