Time For Tea

Hello there lovely people - it's been so long! It's embarrassing how much of a non-blogger I have been but life has been so busy lately: my university introduction ended just yesterday and even though it was a lot of fun I really need a few days of being flooded by massive amounts of green tea, healthy foods and lots of sleep - but I currently am at my parents' house, so I'm sure that will be fine.

Moving on - so many fun things happened! Even though the last week is a bit blurry as I lost quite a few brain cells (I think you know what I mean), it's been a great start to a new chapter of my life. I met new people, visited some places in Amsterdam I'd never been before and had a lot of fun with a friend I already knew who is going to follow the same course. I'm excited to start studying communication- and information and to learn more about what I love: writing.

Where my last post about moving out sounded a bit negative (you can read it here), I haven't struggled with these problems in the last few days. It may have been because I haven't had time to think about feelings because the days were so hectic, but it might as well mean that I'm getting used to my new lifestyle. The little room I have still feels odd, but I noticed that I referred to it as 'home' two or three times already. Progress.

Something else - you might know that I'm a bit obsessed with foxes. My lovely sister and parents helped me expand my little collection (that is getting out of hand, by the way). I now am the proud owner of a top covered in little fox heads, a mug with a fox whose tale also is the handle of that mug and a hand-made fox figure. #noshame

I also have a quick question for those of you who regularly visit my blog: which articles are your favorites? Beauty-related ones? Mind-related articles? Health-related posts? Because those definitely are my favorites. Please, let me know in the comments below.

I've almost reached the bottom of my fox-mug filled with green tea - that also means this time-for-tea article is coming to an end. Let me know how you have been doing: does your school/university have some kind of introduction? Or have you been working? I hope you're doing great. <3

have a beautiful day


  1. yay!! First comment! my favorites are your mind-related articles! but everything else is nice too, im always a happy reader:)

    Rachel x

  2. So happy for your week ! Also so nice your passion for foxes ! I like owls :) and pigs and cats and.....
    Also I love this kind of post and beauty one ! Even if I'm not a regulary reader !


  3. I love all your articles. It seems to me that (in general), you always have some good tips to offer! I especially enjoy the mind and wellness related ones.
    Marianne :)

  4. I like reading your posts, it always takes my mind off the stuff!


  5. Je zal er wel niets aan hebben, maar ik vind jouw artikelen altijd wel leuk. Dat heb ik eigenlijk nooit! Toch houd ik het meeste van de mind/lifestyle artikelen, waarbij je praat over je leven. Zoals deze, bijvoorbeeld! En fotografiedingen zijn natuurlijk altijd leuk!

  6. Awww, that's so sweet of your family to give you some foxay things! Hahaha, i don't mind having a few! I think my favourite posts are just your mind posts, where you talk about things going and your thoughts on them. They're my favourite but they are a little exhausting to write. <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  7. My dear young lady. I'm pleased that you are moving forward in your new chapter of life. Days can become a blur and the next thing you know your flipping the page of your calendar. I like your mind posts bestest. Take care foxy lady ;)

  8. Congrats and good luck with starting university! I loved university so much I'm going back to do a masters, so I hope you enjoy your next chapter. Your fox mug with the tail as the handle sounds amazing, I do love a good fox print too :) x
    Charlotte's Road

  9. What an exciting post! Changes (good ones) are big and needs getting used to but leads to something great! Good luck to that! Also, I love tea!!!!!


  10. Your blog is such an inspiration to me. Whenever I feel that I need a mood-lift, I go to my bookmarks and choose Lemontierres. I am a teacher of English, so I share your blog with my students and encourage them to start up blogs of their own. My students and I enjoyed reading your posts about blogging in English. However, it's not only your English and style of writing that I admire. I studied graphic design for 3 years, and the artistic side of any blog is something I always consider.
    The photos that you share here are amazing. I love the light and freedom and openness of them. I like it that they are not trite, they have some wind and sun in them.

    Also, I immensely loved your recent posts about the exams and moving to another city. (That's not to say that I don't enjoy beauty posts. They are great as weel).

    Whatever you will write here, I will remain your avid and thankful reader,

    with warmest wishes from Russian south,

    1. Hi there Oxana,

      What a heartwarming comment. I waited so long to answer it because I honestly didn't know how to: how can you put such gratefulness into words?

      I still find it hard to believe people who live so far away from me read my blog. The fact that you encourage your students to read my articles really touches me, and I feel honored. I couldn't describe it any other way.

      Thank you for taking the time to write such encouraging words,


    2. Hi Sjoukje,

      Thank you for the answer. It feels great to be able to talk to you, even though the countries are so far away.

      Also, I wish you happiness in the new place, in your studies, reading and anything you experience.


  11. Good luck at school! I'm sure you will quickly feel at home.

    x karen

  12. Gorgeous photo! Best of luck with uni!


  13. Good luck at school, you'll kill it!
    I love that photo.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  14. Aaw this looks so good! Lovely post :) xx Carmen

  15. Show us your foxy collection! :3
    My favourite articles from you are beauty-related ones, and those which contain a lot of photos of your surroundings.

  16. I love the way you write! I think my favourite posts from you are ones like these! It makes me feel like I'm getting to know you more :-) I really hope you have a fantastic time at university and it's great to hear that you're settling in!
    Abiee xx

  17. Leuke post! En veel geluk op school! :) X Minale

  18. Honestly I like all your posts as I like you and your blog in general <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  19. Love tea, do big thumbs up to that! Mind and health are awsm!

  20. Glad to hear your uni-introduction was fun, although I can relate to needing a good few days dose of green tea/healthy foods and such. I enjoy all of your articles, although I think my favorites are life related. You have such great ideas on lots of real-life situations and I love hearing it! But keep doing what you love most, because ultimately those are the posts that are the best!! Your passion will shine through!

    Much Love!!
    -Stephanie Eva

  21. aww thats so sweet of your family :') x x


  22. I'm going to a new school this friday and it is scaring the hell out of me right now but your posts always manage to make me feel better, how you do it I have no idea but great job! I love your book related posts (as I'm a big book lover), your fashion related ones cause it's always fun to see what you've been loving and your life related posts (those where you basically talk about your life or give advice on something like that one you wrote about moving into a new city and adapting to it that you mentioned earlier). I really love your blog it's the one I can relate to the most in so many ways! Don't ever give up on it :)


  23. I should definitely try this!

  24. It was pleasant to read this post. I'm also obsessed with foxes. I would like to have one little fox at home! But I think its impossible for different reasons. And about your questions - the best for me is mind-related articles and health-related posts!