Autumnal Cinnamon Cookies

I'm not really the autumn/winter kind of girl. I can intensely enjoy the feeling of the Sun shining on my face, wearing short-sleeved shirts, having bare legs - and these things simply don't happen that often in the colder seasons. I, however, think we need to make the most of every season - baking cookies is a perfect remedy for the cold-weather-blues! So that's exactly what I did. And boy, did they taste good! (did - because I already ate all of them - whoopsie!)

what you need

for approximately 20 cookies 
250g flour 
100g sugar 
1 egg 
125g butter 
1 ts of cinnamon (or 2, if you like the taste and smell of cinnamon just as much as I do!) 
sliced almonds
a big bowl, spoons - just the standard things you use when baking cookies

Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl until it's a smooth batter. There's no electrical mixer at the apartment where I live - that's why I, to make the mixing process easier, melted the butter using the microwave. Mixing the batter is easiest when you use your hands (so don't forget to wash them!). Roll out the pasture (instead of using a dough roller I used a glass) and push the glass in the rolled-out pasture, creating little circles (again, the glass - perks of being a student). Put some parchment paper on a griddle and divide your cookies over the griddle. Pre-heat the oven to about 190 degrees Celcius (375 Fahrenheit) and leave the cookies in the oven for about 10, maybe 12 minutes. Take them out once they look a bit tanned. Oh, this isn't necessary - but to make the cookies look a bit more autumnal, you can press an almond into the unbaked cookies!

Next to taste amazing, these cookies will also fill your kitchen with the most delicious and wintery smell you can imagine. I really like using this recipe because the ingredients used are ones you will most likely have in your kitchen already - except from the almonds, maybe - but a quick run to the supermarket will solve this problem. You could choose to make the cookies a bit thicker and chewier: turn down the oven a few dozen degrees and leave the cookies in a bit longer. 

I could think of one downside to baking these cookies: if you're like me (don't live with family/a partner/friends), and have a night of watching series and drinking tea, you'll see the cookies disappear right in front of your eyes. They're just too delicious to leave alone. But I don't think this will be too much of a problem - it's the little things like this, that make the colder temperatures a bit easier to brave.

have a beautiful day!

if you decide to make the cookies - let me know if they make you just as happy as they made me! 


  1. Cinnamon cookies are delicious, I love them! Cookies look so yummy! I will be making some when I have some time:) x

  2. These look delicious! Whenever I make cookies I always hand mix them, because I figure it burns a couple extra calories so I can eat more cookies!


  3. Mmm cinnamon cookies sound delicious, definitely going to try this during autumn :)

  4. Ik ruik het door mijn beeldscherm heen, haha. Ziet er overheerlijk uit! Wie weet probeer ik het een keertje uit met de crappy oven in mijn studentenpaleisje. :)

  5. Oh my gosh your blog is simply beautiful I absolutely love it- plus these sound totally delicious xx

  6. Hahah, the downside!! Yeah, that's tough. When they are so good and you eat them all.... They are super cute and look great!! Thank you for sharing the recipe, I will let you know when I try them!!

    Much Love!!
    -Stephanie Eva

  7. Oh gosh, you're making me hungry for some munchies! If I make the recipe, I want it to be nice and chewy so thanks for the tip! <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  8. These look yum! I love cinnamon, so will definitely be trying out this recipe!

    Nihaad - the little blog of STUFF

  9. Aside from the almonds (not a nut lover) these sounds right up my street because I love cinnamon and cookies! I think I'm probably the human version of the cookie monster.

  10. Great recipe, looks like easy to bake and fast to eat cookies))


  11. Alles aan jou blog is zo ontzettend mooi... Ik ben zo jalooeers :')

  12. Cinnamon is my all time favourite everything, now I definitely need to check these out! I'm sure my flatmates will be happy to try them out :) xx

  13. Haha I'm exactly the opposite, I love autumn
    & these cookies seem like the perfect way to celebrate its finally here

    They look and sound delicious!

  14. Oh, they have cinnamon as ingredient - I really must try them although my baking skills are not that huge :) Thanks for the recipe, you are so right, such cookies give the true fall feeling :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  15. Ah, these sound and look so yummy - gorgeous! I love cookies and anything autumn like especially this time of year when things get colder and days get shorter!

    Snuggle up on the couch with throws, candles and cookies - what more does a girl want!?

    Layla xx

  16. Wow do you happen to have a gluten free recipe?!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  17. Mmmm looks delicious and so easy to make!

  18. These sound amazing! I'll bookmark this post so when I feel like baking cookies, I might give them a try. :)

  19. Your pictures are so beautiful!