Wallpaper Wednesday / 8

I always have great plans - and that's what they remain forever: plans. Somewhere, a very long time ago, I decided that Wednesday'd be a great day to share some of my pictures so you could use them as a wallpaper on your phone or computer. Tuesday used to be a happy day, because I'd run outside - camera around my neck - to shoot some cool pictures to share. Comments like, 'I changed my wallpaper into this one!' made me so, so happy! After 7 fun posts this idea, like many others, ended up in a weird little zone in my brain, the zone of forgotten things is what I like to call it. I started posting the Wallpaper Wednesday-posts back in March - would I have been consistent, this would've been the 30th post or so. But hey, because I am Sjoukje and I'm not a great planner - welcome to Wallpaper Wednesday #8, I hope you like it.

Click here to download wallpaper 1
Click here to download wallpaper 2
Click here to download wallpaper 3
Click here to download wallpaper 4
Click here to download wallpaper 5

If you follow me on Instagram as well you might have noticed that I'm a big flower lover - I especially like roses (and I love them more if they're dried). On a cozy autumn night - procrastinating and not studying for my exam week I currently am in the middle of - I decided to display a little collection on my desk. I hope you like these photographs. The second photo is a bit odd but I wanted to include it anyway, as I think it'd be a beautiful iPhone wallpaper, as the time would be displayed in the 'empty' part of the photograph.

have a beautiful day

(did you like this week's wallpapers? (I'm saying this like it wasn't three months ago since I last posted a wallpaper wednesday.. whoops). anyway - let me know in the comments. see you soon!)

ps. I have an exciting announcement for my Dutch readers on www.lemontierres.nl, click here to visit my Dutch blog.


  1. This post is def full of eye candies!

  2. I love wallpaper #2! Great pictures!:)

    Rachel x

  3. Love free wallpapers!! Thanks lady loving number 3 :)
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  4. This is a great kind of post, really unique and I think the wallpapers are lovely!


  5. Mooie foto's! Ik ben stiekem wel een beetje verliefd op die bloemen 😍

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