What Made Me Happy #2

Because number 1 made me so dwell on some beautiful and nice small things, here's a second edition of my 'what made me happy'-post. Maybe I'll make this a reoccurring thingy on my blog - a post I'll publish once a month or so, let me know what you think of this. :-) 

The little things in life can make me intensely happy. Not every day, of course, and sometimes the little things have the power to make me extremely sad or mad - but I usually try to see everything in a more positive light.

Beautiful buildings, as seen from the tram
I don't like traveling by tram but whenever I really have to, I try to sit on a chair next to a window. Many houses in Amsterdam are covered in leafs and it's so beautiful how they transform the houses into little red- and yellow miracles.

Sweater weather
I'm a sweater-person: when I find a nice sweater that also looks alright, I decide to live in it for a while. The temperatures are finally getting low enough for me to continue this worrying yet nice habit and that makes me happy. 

Comments on my 'social media isn't real life!'-post
Even though these comments mostly opposed my thoughts, I really like the fact that you actually and genuinely read my post, thought about it and took the time to write a comment. If I look back at the post and compare it to the comments, I think my attempt to put social media in a more positive daylight was actually interpreted as a 'rant' against Essena O'Neill. Even though that isn't what I was trying to accomplish and the fact that it turned out to be read this way makes me sad, I still agree with what I wrote. Another funny finding: the readers who actually did leave positive comments, were mostly Dutch. Are we Dutch people less worried, a bit more unaffected by social media and did I address a touchy subject with the people who are not from our rainy little country? Or does this have a different explanation?

Taking forest photos
Although I actually took these photos for the post I wrote for Teskes website (link), I really like them. The forest walk was so nice, whenever I'm there I always plan to do that more often. The air smells so nice in the forest, so sweet, yet fresh - I don't know how to describe it, but I think that you can imagine the smell by just reading this. So lovely.

Interesting lectures
Though I sometimes feel kind of 'out of place' at universities (I like taking in information about subjects I find interesting, but I also am a very practical and creative person and I sometimes miss that side of me at university, universities in general), the last few weeks have been better. Maybe because I'm getting used to this new lifestyle, maybe because the first semester, exams et cetera just suck - I don't know. But it's a great feeling!

My new header
I contacted the unusually talented Robyn Makings a while ago. I'd been looking for a good illustrator who could design a new header for my blog - and that's when I thought of Robyn. I have been following her and her updates for a very long time and her illustrations never fail to make me happy - and that's exactly the feeling I'm trying to get across with my blog. I personally think Robyn put this mood and my goal into the illustration perfectly - the font, the tea and the leafs define me so well - and it finally feels like my blog is finished.

I live quite far away from my university and although I sometimes really have to persevere, I try to ride my bike instead of a tram/metro (to get rid of some extra cookie-fat, whoops). I'm starting to like this more and more, I enjoy my environment and the people I cycle past. I'm sure this will change once the days get rainier and snowier, but for now I can just enjoy the mild temperatures. :-)

Delicious tea
Next to it being a perfect time for sweaters, the time for tea is here as well! Even though I, as a seasoned tea-lover, obviously drink tea all year round, I can finally get out the special autumn-teas again. When Floor and I recently visited Maastricht and had talked about tea for a while, we decided to visit Simon Lévelt (my guilty pleasure). I bought a delicious autumn-tea 'for rainy days', and that's exactly what it's perfect for.

A weekend of doing absolutely nothing
Although empty weekends usually make me very grumpy, I really needed one last week. To be able to sleep in, have a very elaborate breakfast whilst watching a series, to read a good book and work on some assignments without the pressure of time pushing me. I thoroughly enjoyed these two days, went outside just once and spent most of the rest of my time in bed. It sounds very dull, was very dull as well - but much-needed too. 

Treating myself to a new notebook
Whenever I pass the Moleskine-section in big warehouses I always think, 'should I make an exception..?' - to then walk past the aisle and go straight to a 'Hema', in order to buy a notebook that's 1/10th of the price of a Moleskine. I was going to do this again some time ago but then I realized something very smart, (that's what I tell myself, and also to justify the price, whoops): if I buy a very good notebook, I won't need one for a long time. And this actually turned out to be true! I take this little notebook with me everywhere I go and I also don't have the urge to buy a new one. 


Yes. I'm going to make this a reoccurring blogpost-theme on my blog. Not like 'Wallpaper Wednesday' (because wow, I'm so terrible at keeping up with that genius idea I once had), but just a little post-idea I sometimes write on a chilled Tuesday evening, just like today. To dwell on everything and nothing at the same time.

have a beautiful day


  1. This was a lovely read and seeing that little ladybird made me happy :)

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. I love this post, and it's always nice to remember things that make you happy!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

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  4. OHhhh.. such pretty photos!! Which camera and editing tool do you use?

    xx Rida Lasne

    1. Hi there! Thanks a lot. I use a Canon 60D with a 50mm lens. I use Photoshop to edit my pictures. X!

  5. I love treating myself to new notebooks and stationary as well, I especially love anything from Rifle Paper Co. It's funny how doing something small like getting a new notebook can really brighten your day.


  6. This is a really lovely post, it's so nice to be grateful for the smaller things in life. I really love your header, it's SO pretty xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  7. Wat een fijne post dit! Het doet me denken aan de 100happydays challenge die ik net op Instagram heb afgerond (zoals je weet). Er zijn zo veel kleine dingetjes om gelukkig van te worden en zelfs op de dagen dat ik me even echt niet goed voelde was er altijd wel iets wat fijn was. Ik ben benieuwd naar je volgende posts!

  8. I agree it can sometimes be the smallest things/gestures that can set us onto a good path right to a pleasant mood :) I'm with you appreciating cosy jumper weather and new notebooks by the way!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  9. I agree with all these things :) I get so happy when I get a new notebook and make a cup of tea... also your new blog header is great :)

    Samantha Series | bloglovin

  10. It's getting really cold in Ottawa -- my jacket started to develop a layer of frost (yes, it basically started to freeze) while I was biking to school the other day. I'm going to miss the early morning and evening routine that is getting a bit of fresh air and exercise when it starts to be -40 outside.

    I love these posts, by the way! They're cute and simple, but well thought and they make me want to appreciate everything I see, smell, taste, love.

  11. All of the things you've said - YES! Especially watching buildings as you're going by! x


  12. Your blog is soooo cute! Love it!
    Photography blog: https://katiphotographyblog.wordpress.com/

  13. I love these kind of posts as it is important to stop and remember some of the good things in life

    Pams Stuff and Things

  14. Echt inspirerend om dit soort artikeltjes te lezen! Ik vind je nieuwe header trouwens zó leuk! :)

  15. I always like these appreciative posts because people often take things for granted. Glad to know that there are so many things that make you happy!

  16. Your blog is just gorgeous, so glad to have found it! Love this post and your beautiful pictures:)

    Makeup Monster

  17. It may be small tweaks here and there but it's the little things that count in life :)

  18. Beautiful buildings seen from the tram- I so resonate with this! I love seeing new cities for the first time :)

    Georgia Jade | The Weekend Attic

  19. Beautiful buildings are one of my favourite details about tram or train trips. Love it!
    And your header too.
    I have not visited your blog for a long time now and today it was such a lovely surprise to see this beautiful change! Love the header and the new clean, simple but beautiful layout and template x

    Lisa's World

  20. Good on you for having such a long happy list!!

    Rachel x