A Few Words On Moleskine Notebooks

I had a very nice day a while ago - the sun was shining, I had a great meeting, an afternoon with absolutely no plans, and was in the centre of my hometown. I had been wanting to treat myself to a Moleskine notebook for quite some time - and for once I decided to stop thinking and waiting and not doing it, and to just dó this. I opened the heavy doors of Amsterdam's biggest department store, headed off to the fourth floor, kept on wondering whether I should really spend 17 euros on a damn notebook, and then unhesitatingly walked towards the cash desks. 

Once I got home I carefully removed the plastic packaging from my black soft-covered notebook, and quickly grabbed a pen. What I first noticed was the firm quality of the paper - it's thin but the ink doesn't copy onto the next page, it's smooth but not so smooth for your pen to slip. You feel that the little book is of great quality when you flip through it - nothing comes off, nothing's 'crunchy'. I also feel like the more I take the notebook with me, the prettier it gets - where signs of aging in notebooks usually annoy me I like this notebook even more now its cover is a bit less black, and the sides are a bit more yellowish. 

It's been a few months since I bought my first Moleskine. A few observations.

- A notebook is and always will be, no matter how expensive it is, a notebook. It's the same as when you buy expensive paintbrushes: your paintings won't suddenly be better, working with them only gets a bit easier.
- I never had a 'pretty' notebook before my Moleskine: I always purchase cute little notebooks with foxes and flowers and other quirky illustrations. They make me happy but in some situations having a more 'adult' notebook feels better. It doesn't necessarily have to be a Moleskine, though. :-)
-  I haven't bought a new notebook since my last purchase! Every time I get the urge to buy another cute item I think of the little book in my backpack. In fact, buying this book has actually saved me money, even though that sounds contradictory. 

A week or two ago I decided to buy a second Moleskine (because well, you never have enough notebooks, right, I'm sure you're thinking, well point 3 is an absolutely wrong observation, but no, keep on reading) - because I 'ran out of' my daily planner. You see, I haven't bought a standard diary in the last few years because I really do not like additions such as address books and calendars because I simply never use them. Because I'm not busy at all and just sit around doing nothing all day (sarcasm off) I make my own planners. My bigger notebook deserved a little baby notebook brother. I first wanted to make an exception by buying a 'real' Moleskine diary but paying 22 euros for a diary was a bit too much for me (I'm still a student, you know). I purchased a mini notebook and filled the pages with the data of the upcoming year. I now have a beautiful set and feel very sophisticated when I get it from my backpack.

Buying a more expensive notebook won't make you a talented writer, your words won't be more beautiful, your sentences won't be more interesting or complicated - but sometimes not having to scratch your pen to write beautiful letters, being able to write on thin paper with thick markers without pressing through the pages and having a really good soft cover is awesome. (I keep on seeing fake ones everywhere and even though they look pretty, they never feel as good as a 'real one'). It still is quite a redundant luxury product because paper is still paper and it won't change your life... but sometimes it's the not-life changing superfluities that make life a tiny bit easier and happier. 


  1. I love my moleskine, but I agree with you!

  2. Al blijft het gewoon een notitieboekje.. Moleskines hebben iets speciaals over zich ja! Ze voelen heerlijk luxe, love it!

  3. These notebooks look beautiful! But I don't think that I would ever by an expensive one. Merry Christmas :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  4. I've been so curious about moleskines, and this post just might have persuaded me to try one. Lovely post!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  5. I think this absolutely knocks the ball out of the park where people complain about notebooks being "just notebooks." You've highlighted the subtleties wonderfully as well as addressed the somewhat ethereal misconception people se to associate with luxury items.

    Very well written, Sjoukje! I've been meaning to get a moleskin myself but I don't know where to get them here!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  6. I wish all blogger 'reviews' were as well written and as thoughtful as this, bravo! You've tempted me to perhaps try one :)


  7. Ah Moleskine is zo'n fijn merk! Inderdaad wel erg handig dat je een gewoon notitieboekje als agenda gebruikt, want heel veel pagina's in een agenda zijn helemaal niet zo nuttig. Al vind ik het wel erg leuk dat ik Moleskine agenda's dingen als vluchttijden en internationale maten staan.

  8. Great post. These notebook look so adorable. I want to have one. :) merry christmas dear.

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    let me know if you follow me and i will follow you back.

  9. Ah, the magic of Moleskine! I got one for my birthday a while ago and it's great. Stupidly enough I'm often hesitant to write in it because it is so 'fancy' and should only be covered in great thoughts and words. Bullshit, of course. :P I love the history too, I feel a bit more connected to Picasso and Hemmingway and whoever owned one too (as it says in the intro). Love your pictures!!

  10. Nothing beats a new notebook :-)


  11. Ik snap je heel goed! Veel geld uitgeven aan een notitieboekje terwijl er ook veel goedkopere notitieboekjes 'voelt' misschien raar. Maar je krijgt er ook wat voor terug :)

  12. I've never bought a Moleskin before, but I've always admired them in stores. I think I have this thing where I feel as though because the notebook was expensive, I have to fill it with quality sketches. Then I end up drawing on printer paper instead, and the notebook stays empty!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  13. I'm actually using a Moleskine softcover as a planner too but after about ten months the pagemarker came off... Apart from that the quality's nice and it hasn't decreased my love for the notebooks in general but I still think the main reason for their price is the name Moleskine written on them ;)


  14. Oh I love the idea of doing this! I'm a huge fan of the Moleskine notebooks. Pricey yes, but sometimes you just need to keep your eyes open for some sales! I've been using the same notebook for about 3+ years, and I'll keep re-reaching for the same one since I love it so much!

    Cindy | www.cindyhyue.com

  15. Al blijft het maar een notitieboekje, is het wel een hele fijne!

  16. Dear Sjoukje,

    I love your new header! Your whole design looks so tiny and delicate. Love to see that you are posting so constantly.
    I am using Moleskine books for 5 years now. I also like the fine structure of the paper, but I am not so into the layout of the calendar. So it is a quite good idea to design your own calendar in a notebok!

    I wish you a happy New Year! In Germany we say "...einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!"
    Love, Jana

  17. Ever since I bought my first Moleskine.. (which was like.. 8 years ago..) I've never bought ANY other notebooks that I actually used.. - I do have a notebook obsession, but all the other ones are just laying around instead of actually being used. I love EVERYTHING Moleskine, I do have their planner every single year, and also their city-notebooks are amazing <3. Gosh. If only they could go down in price... lol