How To Beat A Blogger's Block

I think everyone who has his or her own little place on the internet can relate to this: your head almost explodes of ideas when you don't have time, but when you do have time you just sit there and stare at your computer screen and the little sausage-like creatures called 'fingers' lying on your keyboard without a purpose.

I've had this exact problem for a long (a very, very long) time - writing wouldn't work, I didn't really feel like taking photographs and I just let my blog be a space I sometimes posted something to - maybe once a week. 

But I recently had a day on which this 'bleh'-blogging-mood turned around. If you're in the same position as the one I was in a while ago, take a look at these tips and you might find yourself feeling inspired to work on blogposts whenever you're free. Because that's how I feel right now!

Meet up with other bloggers
This is the one thing that made me realize things cóúld be different. I met up with Laura ( a while ago. We (obviously) discussed our blogs and I just had to admit that my blogging hadn't been working for some time, I didn't really feel like it, and I didn't want to see blogging as my main-'something' anyway. Laura told me that things were the complete opposite for her - she's so motivated (and talented as well) and that shows when she talks about that thing called 'blogging'. I felt kind of bad when I was cycling home - I wanted to be that motivated for my passion as well (because I had been in the past). And that's when I realized I COULD be that motivated and happy again! I have a blog! I have sweet readers and followers! The only thing I had to change was my motivation and the number of hours I spend on writing posts.
-> What I want to say that meeting other, maybe more motivated people than you - and if you don't know any bloggers in person, just send an email to one that seems nice - will make you feel motivated and inspired to do more ánd better. 

Keep a list of ideas
This won't help you right away, but it will be a source of inspiration on the long run. If you always carry a little notebook around, jotting down ideas that pop into your head is easy. I have a long list of blogpost-ideas I want to write someday, and if I'm feeling uninspired I just take a look at that list.

Write for yourself
Looking at statistics can be tempting - which posts are most popular, which posts are not that loved? - but it's very important to just nót do this. Write for yourself, and doing this will show you that finding the right words is a lot easier because you write about things you love.

Go outside
You can go outside even if there are no bloggers to inspire you. Go to the nicest coffeeshop in your area and order your absolute favorite drink, let yourself fall into the comfiest chair, grab the book you're currently reading and forget about your inspirationlessness. When I do this I often find myself to be very inspired to write later because - just because you let it go - many ideas flourish. - You don't even have to go to a coffeeshop, by the way, a nice sunny (even rainy!) walk will do too.

Read other blogs
This can be tricky (you don't want to just copy other people's ideas), but it can help to read other people's posts as well.

Take photos first, write later
You might think - but what should I take photos of? - but often taking beautiful photos leads to new ideas for blogposts. I have had this before - I grabbed my camera and took some pretty photos of a calming sunset or something like that and realized that those would go perfectly with a post about relaxation. Hah, and there you have it - an idea for a new blogpost.

Look up older posts
Taking a look at my first blogpost always gets me a bit cranky - spelling- and grammatical errors occur more than they do nowadays. I'd love to reread every old post and correct the mistakes but I don't have time for this. Who does? This, however, does inspire me to think my sentence structure and word choices through better in the present and future, and this helps me write better posts overall. - And oh! You might also find series you once started but never continued. Examples on lemontierres: 'what made me happy' (even though I do want to keep on doing these), and 'wallpaper wednesday' (I gave up on that idea a long time ago) (whoops).

Write some place else
And I don't mean another geographical place with that (even though that might help as well) but on and through a different medium. Grab an old notebook and pen and try writing your blogpost by hand - yes, by hand. Doing this often makes you write differently because this isn't as easy as writing on a computer.

Follow a course
I've never done this before but I've been wanting to do this for a long, lóng time - taking a (creative) writing course. This would better my technique and I think the at-home assignments you'd receive would inspire you to write more (and differently). 

Create something.completely.different
I think doing the same things over and over again will make you face a blogger's/writer's block one day. Stir things up and do something very and truly different. Write a fairytale, a news bulletin, a short story, a poem, an I-don't-know - do something you've never done before. Doing this is a lot of fun and will make you face a lot of problems you've never encountered before (because how, in god's name, do you write a fáirytale?) - and you'll have to solve these problems in a creative way. This will inspire you to write blogposts differently and figure blog-related struggles out differently. Hah!


This blogpost has become a very long piece of text, but I do hope it's a helpful long piece of text. If you happen to have more tips for other fellow bloggers, please leave them in the comments.

What do you do when writing won't work?
love, sjoukje


  1. Thank you, this helped a lot!

  2. This is really helpful! When I get bloggers block I tend to read blogs and watch youtube, always helps with ideas and motivation!
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  3. Heel leuk artikel. Dat foto's maken zonder doel ga ik ook een keer doen denk ik! Je schijft trouwens heel prettig engels om te lezen, sommige blogs krijg ik echt hoofdpijn van haha. Deze post bewaar ik op bloglovin!

    1. Hoi Anouk, wat een fijn compliment! Dankjewel. :-)

  4. These are such great tips! I love keeping a notebook with me and keeping notes, it's so helpful!

  5. Hoihoi
    Ik herken me hier echt in ja!!
    Juist savonds laat als je wil slapen,word mijn arme hoofd volgestopt met de wildste ideeën (ik bedoel: wie gaat er nou snachts op het idee komen om een koffietentje te beginnen!? Ik dus)

    En omdat ik zo'n ongelooflijke verslaafde ben als we het over notitieboekjes hebben: wat een goed idee! Kan ik eindelijk één nuttig gebruiken..

    Andere blogger ontmoeten ljkt me inderdaad best leuk, maar vooral eng... Ik moet altijd erg lang de kat uit de boom kijken:(

    De tip om eerst foto's te maken raad ik echt iedereen aan! Werkt van uitstekend:D

  6. I'm going through a bit of blogger's block at the moment, so this is just what I needed! x

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  7. O vergat dit nog te zeggen: ik vind jou blog ongelooflijk leuk en vol inspiratie!! Ik wens je vast een happy newyear vol blogplezier;)

  8. Goed om te lezen dit! Ik zelf maak oom eerst foto's en dan schrijf ik er wat bij. En je blogje is gewoon heel leuk hoor! Lov.

  9. Random foto's maken helpt echt heel goed, daarna verzin je er wel wat tekst en een onderwerp bij haha. Fijne tips Sjoukje! X

  10. Hey Sjoukje! I think your point about creating something totally different is so great! I agree, it's a great way to grow from your problems and from new experiences!!

    PS; Not sure how your comment slipped past the Disqus (on my "current mood" post) but it will not let me answer you. I did take the picture!! Thank you! Trying out a new "thing" on my blog where I focus more on photography. It's something I used to go to school for and somewhere along the lines I just let it go.... Can't have that!!

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year celebration, whatever you do. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Much LOOOOVE!!!!
    -Stephanie Eva

  11. Honestly, I think I'm having a bloggers' block right now. So much to do but not wanting to do, and just ick. I don't know what I'm doing. It feels like work, which never bothered me, but now its boring work which is not fun work at all. And y brain is all fritz and I don't know what to think. Gaaaah.

    I think this is a beautiful post Sjoukje especially for me! I reaally, really needed it! Thank you so much! <3

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  12. Wauw, goede tips! Hier kan ik wel wat mee wanneer ik in een bloggers block zit. Op het moment is dat (gelukkig) niet het geval maar het komt wel eens voor.
    Fijne jaarwisseling! X

  13. Il love "write for yourself." Unless you're a world class blogger and it's your main source of income (and even then), I believe a blog should be like a diary, something you can easily type into the Internet and find thirty years after posting something.
    Marianne :)


  14. I find the best thing to do when I can't write blog posts is just step away and distract myself with my favorite shows or funny videos. Laughter seems to help a lot.

    I heard a quote once that said "...liking something shouldn't preclude you from trying something new." Maybe you should try a different way of being creative? Film and edit a video (which has personally helped me) or try drawing. These are all really good tips! Especially keeping a list of ideas for blog posts! :]

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  15. Really Nice post, Thanks for sharing this and Happy New Year. :)

  16. This post is great. I'm bookmarking it, to read it during a blogger's block. I love your blog, you are amazing!
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  17. This is an awesome post! Definitely bookmarking this for reference later when I'm desperate. It ALWAYS happens to me where I have all these ideas and then when i'm actually it my computer, just blank. Ughhhh... the worst!

    I love the ideas about looking through past posts, other blogs or doing a blogger meetup! I've never been to a blogger meetup but they seem like they'd be so much fun!

    You have a great blog! I love the aesthetic :) Happy new year!

  18. Ik had ook heeel erg last van blogger's block, vlak voordat ik m'n vorige blog compleet opgegeven heb. Wat heb ik dáár nu spijt van! Maar ik heb er wel van geleerd, ik was gewoon bang om te schrijven over wat ík leuk vind, in plaats van wat anderen fijn vinden om te lezen. Ik was vergeten dat het het belangrijkst was om er zelf plezier in te hebben. Deze tips lijken me echt handig (op een praktische manier)! Ik denk dat ik hier in de toekomst zeker wel wat aan ga hebben. Love it!

  19. Ik heb tot nu toe nog geen Block gehad, maar ben dan ook nog best kort bezig. Sommige van deze tips volg ik al maar het is een super goed lijstje!

  20. This is such a useful post! Whenever I don't have an opportunity to write down idea, I have so many then I end up forgetting about them, I should always have a notebook&pen close to me. Checking other blogs or watching YT videos kinda help me get motivation and be more creative.

  21. Hi again! I just wanted to say that I'm thinking of returning to my blog (I need to learn some HTML first though so that I can have a blog that I'm actually happy with visually speaking) and I'm saying it mostly because I want to stick to that resolution and maybe telling it to other people will make me do it :) Those were great tips! I often get motivated to do things when I talk to people who are incredibly motivated or just incredibly successful. And yeah, how do you write a fairytale?
    Have a lovely night,

  22. Oh wow, wat een enorm geweldig leuke blog en bericht. Ik dit hier denk ik meer dan dagelijks komen bewonderen.

  23. Vooral dat 'meeten met andere bloggers' is wel een dingetje. (Oke deels ook omdat ik dan duizenden foto's maak, maar die gesprekjes geven me steeds zo'n boost. En eerlijk gezegd merk ik het ook wel wanneer ik ze al een lange tijd niet heb gezien (het zijn ook vriendinnetjes eigenlijk.)) Ik durf zelfs niet meer te kijken wanneer de laatste keer was dat ik wat heb gepost. (A long time ago i guess..)

  24. Dit zijn echt hele fijne tips! Ik zit nu namelijk een beetje in die situatie, dus dit helpt me vast :-)