My Style in 2015

I'll never be a fashion icon or even a fashion blogger but that isn't my wish or goal anyway (I like taking outfit photos but I always seem so awkward in them) - but I still like putting on nice clothes and looking alright. I love wearing pretty dresses, beautiful trousers and nice shoes. 2015 was a year of discovering 'my style' - I've had many strange fashion-chapters in my life (read: blue hair and pink tutus) but I think it's safe to say I finally found who I am, fashion and style-wise. Here's a little list of things that have created my 2015 signature look. 

Tiny backpacks
If you thought only your trendy grandma likes them you're wrong. I don't know why but tiny backpacks are the most practical things on earth, ever. Regular handbags only cause arm- and backache: you can put everything and anything you need a (tiny) backpack and you'll never carry too much (or too little).

Daniel Wellington-watches
I always wear a watch and Daniel Wellingtons still are my favorite. They're elegant and simple and comfortable. When I don't wear my watch for a day I really get a bit annoyed (and I check my empty arm about 10 times an hour). (order your own on with 15% off, use 'lemontierres' as your coupon code). 

Dr Martens
Dr Martens have been staple pieces in my wardrobe for quite some time but I don't think I wore shoes that weren't Docs in 2015. I currently have four pairs (blue 1460s, white and black 1461s and a wine red classier pair) and they just are so comfortable, long-lasting and you can wear them with any outfit you want.

Dressy trousers
I don't think jeans are very comfortable (I believe I've never had a good and fitting pair) and I've invested in some dressier trousers in 2015. I prefer high-waisted, black and ankle-length trousers and they're just like Dr Martens - you can style them with almost any top you like.

My big grey coat
I've worn this coat throughout the last months of 2015 - it's my gigantic grey H&M coat (it cost me 30 euros, best-purchase-ever). It's not a warm coat (not like that's necessary this year, the temperatures are crazy low) - but it is comfy and easy to wear.

Brown lipstick
I always thought brown lipsticks were best suited older women but I got rid of that thought when I put it on for the first time. I bought a brown lipstick earlier this year and I've almost finished it (!!) (this has never happened to me before). 

A tiny bun with two braids
My hair is finally long enough to start creating somewhat more fun hairstyles! I first put my hair like in the picture underneath this little piece of text a few months ago and I've been wearing my hair like this ever since. (if this post has showed you anything, it's that I'm kind of boring). 

If you've spotted or met me in 2015 I probably was carrying a tiny backpack, or wearing some brown lipstick, Dr Martens or maybe even all of these things. Oh, and the sweater you see in the last photo hasn't come off my body since I bought it. I don't know if you recognize this but once I like something I kind of live in that piece of clothing. I had expected 2015 to be my hat year - I think they look nice, they make every outfit seem very fashionable - but I almost never wear them. Let's move on to 2016, maybe that will be my hat year. Or not. Probably not.

What has your 'everyday style' been like in 2015?
love, sjoukje


  1. Just love the grey coat! Hope you having a great holidays
    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. What a great post. I'm glad you found your style (and unexpected love of brown lipsticks) in 2015! I've been realizing more and more what I like and don't like in the fashion world. It's tough to "find yourself" and I feel like I'm finally making progress! Enjoy the rest of your 2015!! See you in 2016!

    -Stephanie Eva

  3. Ohh waar heb je je bruine lippenstift gekocht? Ik wil het ook graag uitproberen, maar ik vind nooit een mooie kleur... Die van jou is prachtig!

    1. Hoi! Hij is van Maybelline - het is zo'n vloeibare lippenstift met een transparante topcoat waarmee je hem minder droog maakt. Liefs!

    2. Ohh thanks! Is het deze? Verder vind ik je knotje met vlechtjes echt ontzettend leuk, is het lastig? Ik ben een beetje bang dat mn haar er te kort voor is haha.

    3. Hoi Rosa! Ja, dat is hem. Ik geloof dat ik een oudere versie heb maar het principe is hetzelfde. :-) En dankjewel! Het is niet heel erg lastig. Ik heb zelf ook erg kort haar, het is inmiddels iets langer maar toen ik begon met dit kapsel was mijn haar nog niet lang genoeg om helemaal in een knotje te passen.

      Wat ik altijd doe:

      Ik pak rechts een striem haar van mijn oorspronkelijke pony die ik nu laat uitgroeien, dat vlecht ik en zet ik vast met een schuifspeld. Links doe ik hetzelfde. Het overgebleven haar bind ik vast in een klein knotje en that's it! :-)

      Liefs Sjoukje

  4. Style on point hoor, haha! Liefde voor Docs en kleine rugtasjes<3

  5. Such a lovely post! You have great style, and it's nice to see what your staples are. I love the braids and bun idea as well!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  6. I really like your approach to style, I'd love to see more fashion related posts in future if you felt like doing them :)

  7. Ooh love these fashion staples of yours, especially the hairstyle! I'd love to add a DW watch to my collection :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  8. What a lovely post! And can I just say that your header is the cutest thing I've ever seen? Like, I'm full on in love with it.

    Can't beat a pair of DMs, can you? Need to get myself a pair that fit because I bought a pair of a friend a few years ago, but they're a tiny bit too big, and don't really like the colour...
    Hope my hair gets long enough to put in a similar style soon - it's taking forever to grow :(

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  9. Loved this :-)

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  12. Dear Sjoukje,

    my everyday-style is pretty clean. I love white t-shirts paired with black jeans or trousers.
    I love silk blouses, but I hate to clean them so I don't wear them that often.

    I love to mix my boring, plain t-shirt and jeans with cool jackets. Statement pieces can transform your outfit into something special. Finding your very own statement piece is some kind of art.

    Thank you for this very sweet post.
    Love, Jana

  13. Ah ik vind je zo'n leuk en mooi mens! Dat haar staat je prachtig en die tas en horloge zijn zo askdfj mooi.

  14. I like your style, it looks effortlessly cool and very classy at the same time! I've been wanting a pair of Doc Martens for ages, I think they look so so cool with any kind of outfit!
    Jennifer | Pretty as Summer

  15. I really want a pair of forest green Doc Martens! Love this post, it's very similar to my own fashion choices :) Happy New Year!
    xo Kiki


  16. I've always loved your style! It's beautiful, especially with your hairstyle. I've never seen anyone wear it as cute as you! I don't know what my style is in 2015, even though it's the year I actually decided to find a style hahaha!

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'


  17. Hoi Sjoukje! Wat een leuk artikeltje om te lezen! Ik herken je er helemaal in. Ik bewonder jouw stijl onwijs, zelfs tijdens college zie je er altijd netjes uit - ik wou dat ik dat ook over mezelf kon zeggen, haha! Zelf heb ik volgens mij niet echt een stijl (en als ik die wel heb, heb ik 'm nog niet gevonden) - ik heb m'n kledingkast maar met een paar dingen uitgebreid sinds jaren geleden. Ik draag, denk ik, over het algemeen jeans met hoge laarzen en een simpel shirt, of in de winter een over-sized sweater! Liefs, Lisa.

  18. I don't think you look awkward at all! You look quite like a fashionista hehe x


  19. Je schrijft zo leuk! vooral hoe je deze post eindigt;)

  20. "hat year": I really admire (and find a bit funny) how a whole year can be centred around a few items and fashions. I've never been much of a fashionista but I've also been experimenting a bit more this year. No matter what though, I always wear just jeans and a black shirt with a burgundy cardigan somehow (I think I own 4 burgundy's beginning to be an issue). Maybe 2016 will be my fashion year! I really love your style, though. It's simple, elegant and very practical!

  21. Ooh, ik vind zo'n grotere en lange jas zo gaaf en hij staat je erg leuk! En een knot met vlechtjes is ook een fijne haarstijl.

  22. Hi! It's Rita from Instagram (FromLexiez) and I just thought I'd comment on your blog for a change! I've said it before but I'll say it again I love love that hairstyle it looks so great on you! I love Doc Martens too I wear mine almost everyday but I've also bought this heeled black boots that I've been loving (I'd never owned heeled boots and these are just so comfortable and they look good with almost everything! I've been thinking about getting a Daniel wellington watch as I wear one pretty much everyday but I just love how classic these look. 2015 has changed my style quite a lot as well but I think I'm finally finding my own personal style and I'm very happy with that. The piece that has stuck with me the most this year were these orange shorts inspired by the 50's or 60's from Zara and I just feel like those define completely what my style is and who I am. I've experienced a lot with fashion this year too, went through a bit of a fashion crisis during the summer but now I'm finally comfortable and happy with it. I love hats too by the way, I own this small round black hat that is basically my saviour on bad hair days :)
    Hope you're doing well!
    PS: sorry for this long comment i always seem to write way too much

  23. Absolutely love your style. Its so casual yet so chic and I don't think you look awkward in your pictures at all.
    :) -Disha!