Sunday Evening Skincare

I always try to be nice to my skin, but I'm extra nice on Sunday evenings. I recently ditched all the skincare that involved rough cotton pads, wonder-waters and anti-pimple-ingredients and visited Lush and The Body Shop to treat myself to some new products. You see, my skin isn't the most even on this planet and I've tried so many things over the past few years - but nothing ever actually worked. These products have been making my skin look less uneven and irritated. In this post I will give you a sneak peek into my favorite Sunday evening skincare routine, so boil yourself some water and make a cup of tea, or some hot chocolate milk (because that is what I did), and relax.

Remove my makeup
Even though I try to wear little to no makeup on Sundays to let my skin breathe, I had a lovely meeting today so I actually did wear makeup. To remove the remains of my foundation and eyeliner I use the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter by The Body Shop. Using this for the first time feels a bit odd, because you don't use cotton pads or wipes and may look a bit like a panda if you were wearing eyeliner or mascara. However, this balm removes every bit of makeup on my face (even waterproof!) and leaves my skin feeling very smooth. 

Take a shower or a bath
When I'm at my parents' house I always take a bath - no doubt. It's even better when I can throw in a colorful bath bomb and float between the bubbles for an hour or two. I was in Amsterdam this week so I was forced to take a shower - I made sure it lasted a bit longer than usual because it's a Sunday after all.

Steam my face
Removing my makeup and taking a shower has cleaned my face and I would usually leave it at this. However, I love to steam my face once a week and to do this I use Lush's Toner Tabs. These aren't expensive (1 euro a tab) and I usually break them in half because I feel like that is enough. These toner tabs make my skin a bit more even and less red, without being aggressive because you're not actually putting something ón your skin. On top of that I just really love steaming my face - it removes all the dead skin cells and my skin feels like a soft peach afterwards.

Extra cleansing and moisturizing
Lush's Ultrabland Facial Cleanser has been 2015s best Lush purchase. This cleanser removes makeup, I don't use it for that though. Because I just steamed my face the pores are wide open, cleaning it with this cleanser allows me to deep-cleanse my pores. This product also is very greasy and moisturizing, which makes it perfect for a little massaging! Whenever I apply Ultrabland I make sure to (have washed hands) and rub it into my face for a few minutes. After this I leave it on for a minute or 10 - and sip on my tea in the mean time. When I feel like ending my Sunday evening ritual I put some hot water on a washcloth and drag this across my face. This feels so nice and soothing!

Steaming and applying hot water to my face makes it quite red. To cool the biggest organ of my body down a bit I spray some Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water (also by Lush) on my face. This is the last step of my Sunday skincare routine - after doing this I apply nothing else to my skin because it doesn't feel dry but very nourished and soft instead.

I always feel extra tired on Sunday evenings - it seems as if every tiny bit of sleepiness has accumulated and decided to surface. I finish my tea, read a few pages of a book (currently reading 'I'll Give You The Sun, I'll let you know what I think!) and when my eyelids start to get heavy I turn off my lights and go to bed early - as you should on a Sunday <3 

do you have a little Sunday evening ritual as well?

love, sjoukje!


  1. You take the prettiest photos, Sjoukje! I've never tried steaming my face before but it sounds absolutely amazing! I try to get extra sleep on Sundays just because I don't get much during the week!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  2. I definitely need to take time out to look after myself! This post is a great inspiration for me to do so :)

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

  3. I've never heard of the Lush's Toner Tab before, it looks very interesting! Do you just let the tablet to dissolve in a bowl of hot water? I really liked reading you blogpost, you talked about very interesting products!
    Jennifer | Pretty as Summer

  4. Ik heb nog nooit die Lush tabletten gezien, maar ze lijken me wel fijn, na dit stuk gelezen te hebben. Weer een excuus om snel weer langs de winkel te gaan :) Fijne vakantie, Sjoukje!

  5. Die Lushtabletten klinken erg fijn! Ik heb wel eens geprobeerd te stomen toen ik verkouden was, maar meestal ben ik te lui om het ook vaker te doen :P

  6. When my daughter reads this blog post she'll sure want it...all! <3

  7. When my daughter reads this blog post she'll sure want it...all! <3

  8. I love steaming my face (although I rarely make the time for it, silly me!). I've wanted to try a toner tab from LUSH but I never see them in-store and don't ever make online purchases. I bought Breath of Fresh Air on a whim a few months ago (they didn't have my staple Eau Roma Water in stock!!) and I fell in love! It's a really nice toner. I love it! Looks like a great routine, thanks for sharing and reminding me how awesome it is to steam your face!!!! ;) ;)

    -Stephanie Eva

  9. I barely ever wear makeup, but when I do, I am so lazy with taking it off. That cleansing butter from The Body Shop sounds heavenly and I'll be sure to try it out. You take such lovely photos btw and you've inspired me to really up my game with blog photography xx

  10. Great post! I love the Lush products!

    xx Isabel

  11. Great post! I want to try that toner water.


  12. I really like the sound of the Ultrabland! I have never heard of it but it sounds amazing! I definitely want to try it!

    Shannon Sage

  13. Joh dat is een complete routine haha :) Bij mij is het nooit zo uitgebreid hoor. Die spray lijkt me heel fijn. Liefs