A New Phone Case + Discount Code!

Hi hi hi! I recently got an iPhone 6 and ever since I have been able to call it ‘mine’, dropping it with a broken screen as a result has been one of my biggest fears. Before I turned it on for the first time I made sure to add a little protective layer to the screen and I have also been using a very protective case in order to keep my baby alive, kindly sent to me by Caseapp.

Caseapp offers a range of different phone cases and laptop stickers which you can all customize with your own images and or text. Being the boring person I am I chose a standard design. Oh well! I think marmer items are very beautiful and when I saw this option I waved all my wishes of adding creative images and quotes to the case away and ordered it right away. I chose the ‘tough’ version which consists of 2 parts: a silicone case directly on the phone, with a plastic layer with the image on it wrapped around it. I love the case and if you use your imagination a little, you might even think it’s real marmer. 

This collaboration obviously brings something good into your life as well: when ordering your items on www.caseapp.nl, make sure to enter G8BNEZ as a discount code for a good 20% off. Oh, and pssst, a giveaway will be up on my blog very soon - so stay tuned for that!

Have a good day!
love, sjoukje


  1. Wat een leuk fototje! En dat hoesje is ook erg mooi. X

  2. Great choice! I love marble also! I got some drink coasters at blokker during my last trip and fell in love. Now, everything must be marble, hahah!! ;) I even "stole" my Mom's italian marble sidetabel for next to the couch!

    Much Love!!!
    -Stephanie Eva

  3. Damn, I really need to get a phone case...Everyone's getting one and mine is all naked. I'd love to get the tough version, considering how many times I've tripped over myself...

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

  4. Oeh, leuk hoesje! En herkenbaar, ik ben ook zo bang dat ik een keer mijn mobiel laat vallen. Maar tot nu toe is hij nog redelijk krasvrij *even afkloppen*.

  5. Sooo cool!
    Bout that broken screen - i feel you so bad!
    Nina x