Things I Realized After Getting A Juicer

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead was the documentary that convinced me to fill the empty spot in my room with a machine that would make my life a bit healthier. I'd wanted to have a juicer for so long and when I saw how the juicing-trend turned so many unhealthy lives into healthy and sustainable ones (I'm quite easy to convince, as you can see), I got on my bike. I left the store an hour later (I also am very bad at making decisions) with a fresh juicer under my arm. I've had the machine for a few months now - here are some of my experiences.

You'll need a lot of fruit
You need quite a lot of fruit (or veggies) to create a kind-of-decent juice. I used 6 oranges, 3 carrots and 3 apples for half a liter of juice. It still is very frustrating that some hip and trendy juicebars don't hesitate to ask 5 euros for a squeezed carrot - but I do understand the crazy prices a bit better now.

Cleaning up
If you think cleaning a blender is a difficult and annoying task, definitely don't think about investing in a juicer. I'm being serious here. My juicer consists of 5 parts which all need separate and thorough cleaning - and making a quick juice and leaving your uncleaned juicer untouched for a few hours isn't possible, because in this way the pulp will dry. (that also is a reason why I didn't include a photo of my juicer: the former-transparant plastic cover now is a beautiful subtle carrot-orange one)

Easy for leftovers
Supermarkets tend to get me overly enthusiastic - when the price of, for instance, oranges has been reduced I get transported to another fruit-focussed world, throw way too much fruit in my basket and sweat my guts out carrying the heavy bags home - to then realize that I will never, never ever be able to eat all of them without dying because of fruit poisoning. My juicer comes in very handy on days of this health madness - it's so easy to throw all the leftover fruits and vegetables in the machine, and it sometimes even tastes alright. (hah)

Over-enthusiasm in the beginning
The day on which I purchased my juicer also was the day on which I spent most of my monthly food-money in the vegetable aisle - I threw enormously large batches of ginger and kale in my shopping basket. Inspired by the many Tumblr-images I saw I started juicing like Beyoncé and other kale-gurus - to then find out that 1. a 300g bag of kale results in 3 drops of green juice, tops, and 2. I'm allergic to ginger. Hah, another product to add to the list. I currently only juice apples, oranges and carrots, and when I find myself in a rather adventurous mood I sometimes decide to throw in a lime or cucumber.

And then there is under-enthusiasm
I can't say I regret my purchase - absolutely not, I actually am very happy with it! - but I only use my juicer about 2 times a week. I don't want to clean the whole machine for just one glass of juice, when I do decide to turn it on I want to make a whole liter and save some for the day after as well.

Juice-fasts aren't for me
Even though I would still like to try it (because: why not! alright, I can actually think of a few reasons), fruit juice isn't half as filling as a decent meal. I would love to cleanse my body by only drinking juice for a few days, but I think it'd be a hungry affair. I don't know why, but I expected selfmade juices to be thicker.


Like I said - I absolutely do not regret buying my juicer. I really love drinking fresh apple juice in the morning, and carrot juice is another thing I never thought I'd love this much. When I purchased my juicer I expected to fanatically create a new juice every morning, but this turns out to be just too expensive and time-consuming. However - a juicer is a delicious machine to have in your kitchen.

love, sjoukje


  1. This is such a great honest post! I try to use my Nutribullet a few times a week but I think I would get a little bit bored of it if I did it everyday!

  2. Hmmm. Ik ben altijd al geintrigeerd geweest door sapmachines, maar ik denk er toch nog maar twee keer over. Hoewel een zelfgemaakte smoothie fantastisch klinkt, komt er inderdaad wel erg veel bij kijken. Misschien aanlengen met (soya)melk/yoghurt om op fruitkosten en -rommel te besparen? Je ne sais pas. Desalniettemin, aanlokkelijk! :)

  3. I really want a juicer but it's the cost of getting a full drink everyday! Why are the healthy things so expensive!?

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  4. I have been thinking of getting a juicer for a while now, but the nice ones are quite expensive. But thanks for your tips and experience!

  5. Fresh juice sounds so ideal to me but you hit the nail on the head with the whole cleaning thing, there's no way I'm cleaning everything up for just one juice!

  6. Ah wat fijn dat je een juicer hebt, wel jammer dat het zo'n klus is om het ding schoon te maken.. Ik heb zelf ook een keer een sapje gedronken met spinazie en mango, ook erg lekker. Misschien leuk om te proberen :)

  7. I currently own a smoothie maker which I do love and juicers sound really great as well but the fact you get so little isn't the best I suppose - still would love to try!

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  8. I like the idead of juices, but doing them it's too much trouble!

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  9. Really love your post ! xo
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  10. Leuk en eerlijk geschreven, ziet er wel echt heerlijk uit! :)

  11. Sapjes met appel, wortel en komkommer vind ik zelf ook het lekkerst. Ik heb het wel eens met bietjes geprobeerd, maar holy moly, wat is dat bitter zeg. Het smaakte zelfs een beetje naar aarde, niet heel erg aan te raden!

  12. Totally agree with the first 2, I have a blender and used it so much in the beginnng. Drinking smoothies and juices makes me feel more refreshed and awake. I can tell the difference when I go through periods of not drinking it x

  13. I love this post! I love drinking cold juices in the summer especially if I'm busy and don't have time to make a decent breakfast! x


  14. I have been debating buying a juicer for a VERY long time now, and yes, the FS&ND documentary was partly because of it!! LOL. The things that really turn me off to it are the (not so bad, I suppose) amount of fruit needed for a "good" amount of juice and (the worst one) THE CLEAN UP. I watch a lot of people on YT that have juicers and make amazing-looking concoctions but when I see what they leave behind and have to clean I'm like.. NOPE. One of my biggest "hates" in my first world problem list is WASHING DIRTY DISHES. Hahaha. Anyway, back to the post; I love the way you wrote this. I don't think it's much different than you other pieces but this post was just so fun to read through. It was "delicately comedic"... LOVE. One bag = 3 drops of green juice!! LOL I laughed so hard. I have been wanting to get more juices in, but for me I think it is best if I go to the juice bar. I have yet to find a good juicing place around me, but I'm sure there is one... SOMEWHERE!!? I'll keep looking, but thankyou for sharing your juicer experience!!!

    MUCH LOVE!!!
    -Stephanie Eva