How things are in Sjoukje-city

What is going on? I honestly have no clue. My head is filled with ideas but for some kind of reason my fingers just won't help me type. After 3 full weeks of an inconsistent/non-existent blogging routine I didn't want to publish a recipe or photography post out of the blue, an apology doesn't feel right either - so here's a little update about my even littler life. 

My name still is Sjoukje, I still live in Amsterdam, haven't quit uni yet (and probably won't as a matter of fact) and it's not been my birthday either (I will turn 18 in 37 days and I am so excited to have to pay my own taxes) (sarcasm) (I am excited to be 18 though). What, however, has changed: I found a new job! After months and months of procrastinating I finally decided to respond to an ad, and I've worked for a few days already and I don't hate it yet (which is uncommon for me). 

Lately I've been working on, well, me: I finally take the time to read for longer periods of time (I'm currently reading 'The Danish Girl', and it's a very good and interesting book!) and I'm trying to free a few minutes of meditation-time every evening. Stop, breathe & think is a great app for that if you're looking for one.

I signed up for a creative writing course some time ago. I am a bit scared because I've never followed a writing course or any voluntary course for that matter, but I'm very excited as well because I'd love to get better at writing and try out some different and refreshing styles. It will only start in April but I'll keep you guys posted. 

My love for plants has also multiplied in the last couple of weeks: I visited a garden centre with a housemate, spent way too much money on new green friends, my whole room seems to be covered in empty wine- or juice bottles with baby's breath and I'm typing this post with a face sticky of aloĆ« vera. (and I'm loving it). 

Right now I'm going to study some course books for a few hours, and my favorite movie 'Into The Wild' is currently being downloaded onto my computer (is it a crime to say that you're downloading something these days?). I'll be visiting Foam tomorrow (a photography museum in Amsterdam) and I'm extremely excited about that - visiting exhibitions or museums on your own is awesome - and after that I'm going to sit in a sunny spot in a nearby park with gloves and a book. 

I wanted to share this post to quickly check in with you. Like I said: I'm going to post more - but I also said that 2 weeks ago so I don't think you should believe me. (reversed psychology, will this be the last push that'll finally put Sjoukje back on the blogging track?)

How are you guys doing?
See you soon and lots of love, Sjoukje


  1. Hey! Congratulations on a job that you can stand!! ;) I am like that too with many jobs. I don't love many. I hope that you take whatever time you need. If you want to write, write and if you don't, do not feel bad about leaving your blog empty. It's good that you get some rest and focus on YOUR LIFE!! I am glad to hear something though. It's always nice to have an update.

    Much Love!!
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. Weer zo leuk geschreven!(as always) (Af en toe moest ik lachen) en hoera voor into the wild!!!

  3. Wat fijn dat je een nieuwe baan hebt! En ik vind het eigenlijk wel een hele fijne blogpost om te lezen met wat je allemaal aan het doen bent. Super leuk dat je ook naar Foam gaat. En lekker bloggen waneer dat lukt en niet te veel druk op jezelf leggen hoor. Veel plezier morgen en slaap lekker straks!

  4. Fijn dat je een baan gevonden hebt! En ook dat je wat meer rust en tijd voor jezelf neemt; dat is ook belangrijk! Hele mooie foto ook en ik kijk uit naar de volgende posts :)

  5. Your writing class sounds exciting and new. I can't wait to hear about it!

  6. Well done on the job& I turned 18 last week, so far I haven't noticed much of a change but it's still exciting. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! x

  7. Congrats on your new job! And I can't wait for your writing class. I'm a new reader of yours and I love how you put the words on your blog post! Goodluck :)