Smoothie bowl suggestions

Anything can excite me - especially good food. The more colors the more fun, the healthier the better, and the more flavors the happier I am - and smoothie bowls are perfect for that. I'm not a stable smoothie bowl eater: there are times when I eat one for breakfast for 14 days straight, and other times I forget about them altogether (to then hungrily long for them again). They're super easy to make and you can combine anything you like - but to inspire you I've created a list of smoothie bowl tips- and suggestions. 

What it is
A smoothie bowl is a smoothie in a bowl topped with various items, and you eat this with a spoon. They are extremely delicious and very easy to make. 

How to make them - the base
It's best when the basis of a smoothie bowl is not too liquid so the toppings really stay 'on top'. You can create a firm smoothie by adding frozen fruits or by using yogurt instead of milk. The super basic recipe for any smoothie bowl is 3 frozen bananas blended with some water or soy milk, I however prefer adding some other fruits.

Other suggestions
- 3 bananas with some strawberries
- 2 frozen bananas with apple slices
- use almond milk instead of (soy)milk to make your bowl a bit nuttier
- invest in matcha/acai powder to add some antioxidants to your bowl
- add cocoa powder to the banana mixture to make a healthy chocolate smoothie bowl (yum)
- use orange juice instead of water to make a summery and fresh smoothie bowl

And I saved the best for last.. the toppings
Whenever I know I will get up early enough to make myself a good smoothie bowl on the next day, I already start thinking of what toppings I'll choose one day before. Will I go for a fresh bowl with coconut and mango, or do I feel like having a crunchier one with granola and nuts? You can think of endless variations - here are my favorites. 

- sunflower seeds
- chia seeds
- coconut (!!!)
- flax seeds
- mango 
- apple slices
- cinnamon for a spicier bowl
- blueberries 
- honey on a basic bowl
- more bananas on a banana-less smoothie base
- granola for some extra crunch!

It doesn't have to be expensive
Alright, I'll admit this: smoothie bowls are pricier than bread with peanut butter and jelly. I am a student and don't have an unlimited budget and in order to keep things affordable, I just use whatever I have laying around - it's as simple as that. 6 bananas are priced at around 1 euro here in The Netherlands and a bag of sunflower seeds and chia seeds will last you a long, long time. You can make the bowls as fancy or basic as you like. 

I love eating my smoothie bowl in bed together with my laptop and a funny TV show under a comfy blanket - this in order to start my day comfortably and with a smile. It does take some time to create a smoothie bowl - but getting up half an hour earlier than usually makes the beginning of your day a whole lot healthier and more relaxed. 

Do you ever eat smoothie bowls? 
Do you have tips or suggestions?
Love, Sjoukje


  1. This looks so amazing, I always see them on your Instagram. I did try making a banana one for myself before but it didn't turn out too well, I think I'll try giving your ideas a go x

  2. I love smoothies so I will have to give a smoothie bowl a try. Beautiful pictures as always Sjoukje!

  3. I love smoothie bowls but with the cold weather in the UK, I don't have them as much as I would like to. I prefer to have something comforting and warm.

  4. I've never tried Smoothie Bowls to be honest. I barely drink smoothies at all, haha! But bananas and strawberries sounds amazing together, I'd love to make one soon <3

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

  5. The toppings are the best part!! I'm not a huge smoothie person in general, I prefer to eat my fruit whole and usually get enough fruit in that way. BUT when I want a smoothie, it generally goes in a bowl with hemp seeds, puffed rice, banana chunks, blueberries and whatever else I can find. Sometimes muesli too.
    I recently found these amazing coconut shreds that were toasted in coconut sugar. So it's coconut, in coconut sugar... OHHHHH MY GOSH I wish I could just throw some into your bowl from here. They're super sweet and delicious.

    MUCH LOVE!!!
    -Stephanie Eva