Vegan Date-Nut-Coconut Bites

I never knew I liked dates, until I recently tried a date bar for the first time. That moment marked a point of no return: whenever I visit a place that sells date bars, I simply must have one. Because I also have to be able to afford other things than my rent and daty-goodness I decided to recreate my favorite bar - and it was a huge success! Keep on reading if you love dates just as much as I do, or if you simply want to try out something new. Oh, and these bars are 100% vegan proof as well!

250-300g dates
a cup of your favorite nuts (I used almonds + pecans)
shredded coconut
Throw all the nuts in a blender and pulverize them. Add the dates and turn it into one big blended mess. Scoop this mess out of the blender (this is an annoying job) and flatten the mixture - turn it into little balls or cut it into bars. Roll the balls through your shredded coconut and if you've decided to make bars simply pour the coconut shreds on the bars.

I secretly ate 4 coconut-date bars whilst typing this article. They turned out to be so, so, soooo delicious! I don't think I'll pay 3 euros for a date bar again, now that I know I can make 20 of them for just a tiny bit more. If you ever decide to recreate this recipe, let me know! 

What's your favorite healthy snack? See you soon!

love, sjoukje


  1. This would actually be so nice to try! Would be cool to see what it would be with different nuts but this would be a great snack to take to uni, especially when I have to be there for the majority of the day! Em xx

  2. Superchille post! Ik houd echt van deze dingetjes en lekker aanklooien in de keuken met gezonde recepten:D x

  3. Looks great, I'd love to try it! It's so nice that it's a vegan recipe because I'm going to do the vegan challenge next month and I was looking for some vegan snacks :)

  4. These sound so easy and they look so nice too! I've never really liked dates but apparently they're nice in bars/bites? Might have to give it a try!

    Katie // ZZ&H

  5. I might try this!

  6. These look so amazingly delicious, we love dates too! Will definitely have to give this a go soon, thanks for sharing!

    ISA Professional

  7. Hoi Sjoukje,
    ik heb hier laatst balletjes van gemaakt, en ze waren superlekker! Ze vulden ook goed, erg handig voor als ik tussen de maaltijden door honger kreeg. Ik ga ze zeker nog een keer maken.

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