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Hela hola bonjour - you guys must've thought you'd never hear from me again! The fact that my last (decent) blogpost appeared more than four months ago is something I won't talk about - nobody's got time for 25 kilometers of excuses and reasons and well, to be totally honest - my bullshit. Hah! Well, I'm back guys. I guess. To get back into the blogging bizz (question mark-question mark?) I combined two of my favorite material goods today: books and bags. THEBAGSTORE (link) sent me a beautiful backpack (whut whut to me?! Woohoo!), and I also recently added some new books to my to-read collection. I was planning to read them during my summer holiday but it turned out to be a bit less calm than I thought it would (no no, I promised, I won't talk about my absency). Keep on reading to see photographs of the awesome bag - and to find out which books I want to read over the course of the next few weeks.

When it comes to books I like switching between genres - this in order to keep reading as interesting as possible. I don't want to read twenty literary books in a row because this would make my head explode - but a hundred thrillers without a break would be a bit too gory. The next three books I will be reading aren't alike in the slightest, which makes them a perfect fit. Are you still following me?

1984, George Orwell
This is a classic that I've been wanting to read for centuries (I really like to exaggerate, as you might be able to tell). I'm going to make a start on this book on the plane to Lisbon (because that's where I'm going!) and am planning on finishing it in cute cafes over there. This is one of the books every book lover should've read at least eighty times. At least, that's what every book lover out there who hás actually read it has been telling me. 

Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert
This book has been majorly hyped on Instagram but I believe that period of time is over now - but that doesn't matter because I'm already four months behind anyway. I don't really know what to expect, but the 'Creative living beyond fear'-line really interests me.

The Kept Woman, Karin Slaughter
I used to read one, maybe two thrillers a week when I was young - while I now only read one thriller per year, tops. A bit sad, because this still is one of my favorite genres. I devoured Karin Slaughters books in the past, until Will Trent left the list of recurring characters. But he's back! I'm 180 pages into this book and I must say it's so nice to read without having to think of motives, metaphors and more of that literary stuff which I always enjoy but now needed a break from. Karin Slaughter can make you giggle about little character flaws, jokes, but about gory details as well - and makes you forget that not the whole world consists of hate and murder, and that's what makes her a good detective writer.

(update: I'm back from Lisbon. Noooooon! I wrote this post before I left, without realizing I would have actually read the books by the time I got home. Anyway. 1984 is amazing: I'm looking forward to when I'm 28 so I can re-read the book without remembering all the details. The Kept Woman is exciting and well-written, but not as gory nor, well, amazing as I remember Karin Slaughter's books to be. I'm still reading Big Magic, so stay tuned). 

About the bag! I almost fell off my chair when I received an email that wasn't spam in my lemontierres inbox - because it has been a while since I last posted a decent piece of text, I didn't really keep in touch with companies or bloggers. Because I felt so excited to get back to writing I accepted the collaboration with THEBAGSTORE. It's been a while and to be totally honest I've used the bag several times since I got it - I've taken it to the beach! - but that doesn't make it less pretty (even prettier!) and this makes writing this post even more fun for me. Anyway, visit their website - they sell awesome bags. Oh, and they didn't ask me to tell you guys this. They really do. Hah!

It feels slightly awkward to re-enter the blogging domain of lemontierres (I make it sound rather spooky). But, to be honest, it feels very good. I've missed you guys. So many ideas have piled up over the past four months (think of playlists (I bought a record player, whut, whut!), recipes, and other typical lemontierres-stuff). I'm looking forward to it.

See you soon (and this time I'm not lying)

Lots of love, Sjoukje

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  1. Soooo good to read a new post on your blog!
    The fact is that I discovered it when you started your second blog. I was pretty sad, but yay! You're back!
    It's been a while since I've heard about 1984 but I haven't bought it yet. ^^
    Oh and your bag is really pretty!

    Have a wonderful day xx

  2. Interesting, thanks for sharing and welcome back!

  3. Ik ben blij dat je er weer bent Sjoukje! Hopelijk kan je er nu weer dubbel zo hard van genieten als je voorheen deed xx

  4. Ahhh!! So good to see you on the blog again! Their backpacks are incredible! Would so love to have one for myself one day! I need to start reading more books, not just ones on interior design and standards for everything hahah Em xx

  5. Leuk dat je weer terug bent op de blog! 1984 heb ik laatst gelezen onder het mom 'elke literatuurstudent moet dit boek wel gelezen hebben', maar het viel me wat tegen. Het is een heel goed boek, maar ik had waarschijnlijk veel te hoge verwachtingen omdat iedereen het zo geweldig vindt :P

  6. Suuuperleuk dat je weer back to blogging bent! (Natuurlijk ben ik ook erg blij met gedachtespinseltjes ;) ) De tas vind ik echt heel mooi, ik ga zeker de site bezoeken!! xxx

  7. Oh je tas is echt heel erg leuk!

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