Some things I missed

So. Hello. 

You might not remember me. 

On a very very standard day, more than three years ago, I was lying on my parents' couch with about three liters of tea in my stomach. Back then I had been writing little things for as long as I could remember and I finally built up enough confidence to share those things with 'the world', as the Internet is often called. I thought of a fancy French-sounding name nobody had ever heard before and registered a little place on the internet which has been here since.

I started writing about makeup and fashion and food and more things I find a bit superficial now, but people seemed to like it. I built up some kind of following, started earning money, wrote my days away... but then realized the sponsorships I accepted did nothing but add money to a bank account for causes I did not support, and the bags and watches I had been sent only ended up in a far-away corner of my room because I was not really interested in the material things that came with being a 'lifestyle' writer on the web.

So I stopped. More than one and a half year ago I just decided I'd never write anything for Lemontierres again, and I kept up with that pretty strictly.

Loads of things have happened since that boring day in 2014. I left my parents and moved to Amsterdam, started studying philosophy and journalism, made new friends, read tens of books, got a boyfriend, lost that boyfriend, drunk thousands of cups of tea but even more wine, and altogether forgot about this little space on the internet.

I never stopped writing, though. I formed a Dutch blog because at that time I could express myself better in my native language, wrote some opinion pieces for another website, and of course for my studies produced many articles I spent all my energy on.

The 'need' for writing has never stopped, the outlet just changed. 

Today is another boring day. I was spending some time on the internet again and decided to check out some comments left on this blog. I was overwhelmed by how often some articles had been read, how many remarks I had missed, how some people had told me my words 'inspired' them in some kind of way... and was about to have a huge panic attack - but then realized I could use this as a little excuse to actually start doing this thing I loved so much a few years ago again.

I will not ever write about bags and watches and makeup again. Books might be involved, maybe, maybe plants - but as you might notice I have grown up, and so my topics of choosing have as well. 

So. Here I am again. I have no clue what to do with this newly found fit of inspiration but let's see. 

Hi former audience, if you have grown up with me... welcome back.


  1. I am so happy you have started writing again! It will be good to see new writings and I look forward to seeing everything you write again!

  2. I'm really happy you're back and I can't wait to read your articles :-) x

  3. Glad to see you back :D

  4. Oh wow I'm happy you're back, you've been one of my favourite writers from day one and give me a lot of inspiration (from your insta as well as your blog). I'm so excited to see what you come up with for this space. I know your new posts will be wonderful!

  5. Zo blij dat je terug gaat scshrijven!

  6. Oh wow, yay! A special treat on this chilly October morning, Sjoukje is writing blog articles again!!! <3 I'm very excited to see what is in store for you this time around. I stopped writing for a long while, too. Even deleted my blog! But I have started a new one just as an online journal, for the times I feel like writing about only the things I most absolutely love to talk about. I hope that the return to your blog helps fuel your love of writing!!!

    Much Love!!!! Veel Liefs!!!!
    -Stephanie Eva

  7. So happy that you're back =)