pumpkin and carrot soup
banana-cinnamon muffins
autumnal cinnamon cookies
healthy apple pie breakfast
walnut, mini kiwi & tangerine salad (spon)
carrot smoothie
iced chai tea latte
fruity smoothie bowl
a healthy pizza recipe
pesto-mozzarrella panini
mixed fruits smoothie bowl
vegetarian wrap
regular chai tea latte
courgette snack
vegan pancakes
vegetarian meal (consists of vegetables)
nojito (non-alcoholic mojito)
pesto pasta
summery slush
caramel soy latte

food in general
two teas that will improve your day
strawberry & elderflower organic infusion tea
honeybush mango lemon & lychee love tea
food diary: 27th of july 2014
ideas on & for breakfast
being a vegetarian: FAQ

my favorite illustrators
thank you, centre pompidou
the 7 most inspiring blogposts of october (2014)

saving money as a student
learning to love reading
how to love a new city
how to make the most of a small place
how to beat the heat
things to remember when moving out
how to turn a bad day into a good one
what to do without school/work related responsibilities
how to drink more water
how to care less
what to do when sick at home
tips for becoming a vegetarian #1
tips for becoming a vegetarian #2
how to fill up your notebook #1
how to fill up your notebook #2
are macbooks worth their price?
10 ways to use coconut oil
how to spend less money
how to improve your skin
tips for a stress-free life

blogging advice
tips for making your blog prettier
how to work on your blog if writing doesn't work

books I want to read (april 2015)
books I want to read (november 2015) *
one disappointing bestseller, one new love (the girl on the train, us)
the rosie project - graeme simsion
sharp objects - gillian flynn
the peculiar life of a lonely postman - denis thériault
love, rosie - cecilia ahern
dark places - gillian flynn
e-readers vs real books
a post about john green

television and music
shows I've binge-watched on netflix
gone girl review
I forget where we were - ben howard
my favorite movies (july 2014)
this month's music (july 2014)

what made me happy
what made me happy #1
what made me happy #2

'social media isn't real life'
about being alone
what I love about blogging
negativity can also be good
using a mac as a windows user
are dr martens worth the price?
is buying a tablet worth it?

a very elegant gift (daniel wellington watch) *
giveaway: firmoo glasses (closed) *
leather love (dr martens backpack)
new 'very me' glasses *
the florally protector of my phone *
but I do have a wooden watch *
new dr martens
new glasses *
hello there, new love (daniel wellington watch)
an all-natural pamper evening *
my little black bag
a little homeware haul (ikea)
a primark, pull & bear and monki haul
a teeny-weeny haul (february 2015)
some january shopping (january 2015)
new shoes
happy socks make me happy *
a little haul
new dr martens (black shiny 1461)
axcent of scandinavia watch
my iphone 5c case collection
dr martens bessie sandal

what's on my phone
the forgotten bedroom (bedroom at my parents' house)
a little tour through my room
my dream holiday (spon)
january loves
february loves
march loves
may loves
my pamper evening
pastel pink room
what's in my bag? (july 2014)

wallpaper wednesday #1
wallpaper wednesday #2
wallpaper wednesday #3
wallpaper wednesday #4
wallpaper wednesday #5
wallpaper wednesday #6
wallpaper wednesday #7
wallpaper wednesday #8
instagram calendar
reasons to buy a 50mm lens
a guide to DSLR-photography: the basics explained
levitation photography
a walk in the park
fujifilm x20
goodbye sunshine
freelensing: what it is + how-to
go for a walk

wildernis (amsterdam) 

my life at the moment (november 2014)
2014 recap, 2015 resolutions and plans
some time to think (january 2015)
much stress & happy days (march 2015)
two weeks of procrastination
april made me happy (april 2015)
changes (may 2015)
graduating from high school (june 2015)
moving out: transitions (july 2015)
time for tea (august 2015)
a little update (october 2015)
about me

yoga at home for beginners
a very relaxing giveaway (yoga) *
reasons to drink more green tea
running: my routine and equipment

natural solutions
aloe vera: natural day cream
my skincare routine (august 2015)
the body shop vitamin E moisture mask
lush lemony flutter
none of your beeswax & lip service (lush review)
my makeup routine (july 2014)

something new to store something old
a creative christmas tree
a bare christmas tree
autumnal branch decoration
a school DIY: creating your own diary/planner
room decor: heart garlands

'report' of an event
ben howard live in amsterdam
much pasta & many waves
a few days by the sea
paris day 1