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  1. Hi, Sjoukje

    First of all, "I FREAKIN' LOVE YOUR BLOG" and really appreciate the all the work you have put up so far.

    I am looking to start my own blog and have no idea where to start from, I know technical aspects of how to setup the blog since I'm a part-time WordPress developer, but I've never given a thought of blogging before.

    I love writing about events, movies, products, places, technology, life hacks, etc. But, no idea who to follow, which blogging sites to look out for, how to keep everything synchronized and other things that I don't know about yet.

    I was wondering, if you could suggest which blog networks (where I could find blog enthusiasts and readers) and platforms I should join. I read your blog earlier and certainly not looking for readers to start visiting my site overnight, just looking at it as a hobby. But, in future, strong networks and platforms might help in the long run.

    I know I've asked too much already, and I would really appreciate if you could lend me a helping hand.

    Saad Ahmed Shaikh / /