A good time for a new project

Hi everybody! In case this post pops up in your Bloglovin' feed and it makes you wonder who the bleep Lemontierres is again, this would not be a surprise to me. It's a fact that I haven't really been the most active blogger ever (major understatement alert) and this makes me a bit sad. The last post I shared on here dates about 2 months back and I am sure this makes me sadder than it makes you. This inactivity is not because I've suddenly lost my passion for photography and writing - it's just that the last few months of my life have been all about thinking and writing and I really feel like sharing more Dutch texts with a philosophical tone. This is the reason why I've started a new little project. Lemontierres is not dead - not at all! - she's just asleep, and once I have more time and especially space in my head to work on recipes and photography projects again I'll make sure to wake her up. It's just that I've created a little sister for her - maybe even a big sister, with texts about topics that really matter to me at this point in my life, and less happy and pretty photographs (even though I still love that and have my Instagram for that, @lemontierres). 

If you're Dutch and interested in what I am up to:

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Lots of love and see you soon,


Vegan Date-Nut-Coconut Bites

I never knew I liked dates, until I recently tried a date bar for the first time. That moment marked a point of no return: whenever I visit a place that sells date bars, I simply must have one. Because I also have to be able to afford other things than my rent and daty-goodness I decided to recreate my favorite bar - and it was a huge success! Keep on reading if you love dates just as much as I do, or if you simply want to try out something new. Oh, and these bars are 100% vegan proof as well!

Playlist · Unexpected Sunny Days

You're still dreaming and the chirping sound of birds singing wakes you up - when you open your eyes you notice the Sun has already found its way through the curtains, and getting up isn't hard because the cold air already touched your legs before. You throw on a cosy sweater because the Sun outside isn't strong enough to change the temperature inside yet - but that doesn't matter because it's March and the Sun is shining!

Simple Lentil Soup

I like healthy meals, but easy meals as well. After a long day of work and studying and cycling and running and thinking and talking and breathing all I want is to be able to sit at a dinner table without thinking of what I should cook - living on my own unfortunately means that I have to do the exact opposite thing every night again. Being alone, however, has taught me how to avoid having to think of exciting recipes every day again - I cook big meals and simply reheat them the day after. (Lazy? Yes. Effective? Also, yes). Doing this saves me time and money - and a great recipe for this lazy habit I have is soup (every kind of soup, really). The recipe I am sharing with you today is a recipe for lentil soup: a very healthy and especially nutritious meal for other vegetarians/vegans out there because it contains many nutrients other plant-based options don't - and the best thing might even be that you don't need many ingredients.